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Annmarie Gatti: CMH Founder
That’s me…  See all my Articles Here 

Minoo Allen: Writer and Blog Editor
Minoo does it all! In addition to writing numerous articles for the CMH Blog on a regular basis (over 200 now!), she also oversees and edits contributor blog posts. In addition, Minoo writes comprehensive actor and actress biographies for the Classic Movie Hub website.  See all of Minoo’s Articles Here


Monthly Columnists

Annette Bochenek: Classic Movie Travels
Annette Bochenek of Chicago, Illinois, is a PhD student at Dominican University and an independent scholar of Hollywood’s Golden Age. She manages the Hometowns to Hollywood blog, in which she writes about her trips exploring the legacies and hometowns of Golden Age stars. Annette also hosts the “Hometowns to Hollywood” film series throughout the Chicago area. She has been featured on Turner Classic Movies and is the president of TCM Backlot’s Chicago chapter. In addition to writing for Classic Movie Hub, she also writes for Silent Film Quarterly, Nostalgia Digest, and Chicago Art Deco Society MagazineSee all of Annette’s CMH Articles Here

Arancha van der Veen: Lives Behind the Legends
Arancha has been fascinated with Classic Hollywood and its stars for years. Her main area of expertise is the behind-the-scenes stories, though she’s pretty sure she could beat you at movie trivia night too. Her website, Classic Hollywood Central, is about everything Classic Hollywood, from actors’ life stories and movie facts to Classic Hollywood myths. You can follow her on Twitter at @ClassicHCSee all of Arancha’s CMH Articles Here

Aurora Bugallo: Looking at the Stars
Aurora Bugallo is a classic film-obsessed blogger, and co-founder and co-host of the Classic Movies and More Youtube show. You can read more of Aurora’s articles at Once Upon a Screen, or you can follow her on Twitter at @CitizenScreenSee all of Aurora’s CMH Articles Here

Danilo Castro: Film Noir Review
Danilo Castro is a film noir enthusiast and Contributing Writer for Classic Movie Hub. You can read more of Danilo’s articles and reviews at the Film Noir Archive, or you can follow Danilo on Twitter @DaniloSCastro.  See all of Danilo’s CMH Articles Here

Danny Miller: Classic Conversations
Danny Miller is a freelance writer, book editor, and co-author of  About Face: The Life and Times of Dottie Ponedel, Make-up Artist to the StarsYou can read more of Danny’s articles at Cinephiled, or you can follow him on Twitter at @dannymmiller.  See all of Danny’s CMH Articles Here

Dave Lewis: Cinemallennials
Dave Lewis is the producer, writer, and host of Cinemallennials, a podcast where he and another millennial watch a classic film that they haven’t seen before ranging from the early 1900s to the late 1960s and discuss its significance and relevance in our world today. Before writing for Classic Movie Hub, Dave wrote about Irish and Irish-American history, the Gaelic Athletic Association in the United States, and Irish innovators for Irish America magazine. You can find more episodes of Cinemallennials, film reviews and historical analyses, on Dave’s website or his YouTube channelSee all of Dave’s CMH Articles Here.

Janelle Vreeland: Silent Chicago
Janelle Vreeland is a Silent Film Fan and Contributing Writer for Classic Movie Hub.  You can read more of Janelle’s articles about Silent Film and Chicago history-related topics at Chicago Nitrate or Curtains, or you can follow Janelle on Twitter at  @SpookyJanelleSee all of Janelle’s CMH Articles Here

Jennifer Garlen: Silver Screen Standards
Jennifer is a former college professor with a PhD in English Literature and a lifelong obsession with film. She writes about classic movies at her blog, Virtual Virago, and presents classic film programs for lifetime learning groups and retirement communities. She’s the author of Beyond Casablanca: 100 Classic Movies Worth Watching and its sequel, Beyond Casablanca II: 101 Classic Movies Worth Watching, and she is also the co-editor of two books about the works of Jim Henson. See all of Jennifer’s CMH Articles Here

Jessica Pickens: Musical Interlude
Jessica can be found at and on twitter at @HollywoodComet. In addition to her overall love of classic movies, she has ongoing series on her site including “Watching 1939” and “Musical Monday.” See all of Jessica’s CMH Articles Here

Karen Burroughs Hannsberry: Noir Nook 
Karen Burroughs Hannsberry is the author of the Shadows and Satin blog, which focuses on movies and performers from the film noir and pre-Code eras, and the editor-in-chief of The Dark Pages, a bimonthly newsletter devoted to all things film noir. Karen is also the author of two books on film noir – Femme Noir: The Bad Girls of Film and Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir. She is a member of the Classic Movie Blogs Association, the Large Association of Movie Blogs, and the Vintage Association of Motion Picture Blogs. She is the mother of two daughters, both raised on a steady diet of classic films. You can read more of Karen’s articles at Shadows and Satin, The Dark Pages Newsletter on Facebook or by following her on twitter at @TheDarkPagesSee all of Karen’s CMH Articles Here

Kim Luperi: Pre-Code Corner 
Kim Luperi is a New Jersey transplant living in sunny Los Angeles. Bitten by the pre-Code bug early, she wrote her undergraduate thesis on the censorship battle of Baby Face (1933) and the two resulting film versions. Kim counts her weekly research in the Academy’s Production Code Administration files as a hobby and has written for TCM, AFI Fest, the Pre-Code Companion, MovieMaker Magazine and the American Cinematheque. You can read more of Kim’s articles at I See A Dark Theater or by following her on twitter at @Kimbo3200 or Facebook at I See A Dark TheaterSee all of Kim’s CMH Articles Here

Kellee Pratt: The Funny Papers and Pre-Code Corner 
When not performing marketing as her day gig, Kellee Pratt teaches classic film courses in her college town in Kansas (Film Noir, Screwball Comedy, Hitchcock, Billy Wilder and more). She’s worked for Turner Classic Movies as a Social Producer and TCM Ambassador (2019). Unapologetic social butterfly, she’s an active tweetaholic/original alum for #TCMParty, member of the CMBA, and busy mom of four kids and 3 fur babies. You can follow Kellee on twitter at @IrishJayhawk66 or her own blog, Outspoken & Freckled ( 
See all of Kellee’s CMH Articles Here

Laura Grieve: Western Roundup
Laura can be found at her blog, Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings, where she’s been writing about movies since 2005, and on Twitter at @LaurasMiscMovie. A lifelong film fan, Laura loves the classics including Disney, Film Noir, Musicals, and Westerns.  She regularly covers Southern California classic film festivals.  Laura will scribe on all things western at the ‘Western RoundUp’ for CMH.  See all of Laura’s CMH Articles Here

Lea Stans: Silents are Golden
Lea Stans is a born-and-raised Minnesotan with a degree in English and an obsessive interest in the silent film era (which she largely blames on Buster Keaton). In addition to blogging about her passion at her site Silent-ology, she is a columnist for the Silent Film Quarterly and has also written for The Keaton Chronicle.  See all of Lea’s CMH Articles Here

Ron Hutchinson: Vitaphone View 
Ron is widely recognized as one of the country’s foremost film historians, with special emphasis on the period covering the transition to sound (1925-30) and early attempts to add sound to film. As the founder of The Vitaphone Project, which seeks missing soundtrack discs and picture elements for early talkie shorts and features, he has worked with Warner Brothers, UCLA, LOC and private collectors worldwide to find previously lost soundtrack discs and restore early sound shorts, including rare jazz films of the twenties and thirties. Ron’s unique knowledge has  been sourced in over 25 books, documentaries for PBS and TCM, commentary for the DVD boxed set “The Jazz Singer,” and as presenter of rare Vitaphone shorts at the 2016 TCM Film Festival. Ron was awarded the National Society of Film Critics “Film Heritage Honor” for his work in film preservation and discoveries. You can read more about The Vitaphone Project at the website or Facebook GroupSee all of Ron’s CMH Articles Here

Samantha Ellis: Cooking with the Stars
Samantha resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania and is the author of Musings of a Classic Film Addict, a blog that sheds light on Hollywood films and filmmakers from the 1930s through the 1960s. Her favorite column that she pens for her blog is Cooking with the Stars, for which she tests and reviews the personal recipes of stars from Hollywood’s golden age. When she isn’t in the kitchen, Samantha also lends her voice and classic film knowledge as cohost of the Ticklish Business podcast alongside Kristen Lopez and Drea Clark, and proudly serves as President of TCM Backlot’s Philadelphia Chapter. You can catch up with her work by following her @classicfilmgeek on Twitter.  See all of Samantha’s CMH Articles Here

Theresa Brown: The Directors’ Chair
heresa Brown is a native New Yorker, a Capricorn and a biker chick (rider as well as passenger). When she’s not on her motorcycle, you can find her on her couch blogging about classic films for CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch. Classic films are her passion. You can find her on Twitter at @CineMava.   See all of Theresa’s CMH Articles Here

Toni Ruberto: Monsters and Matinees
Toni Ruberto, born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., is an editor and writer at The Buffalo News. She shares her love for classic movies in her blog, Watching Forever. Toni was the president of the former Buffalo chapter of TCM Backlot and now leads the offshoot group, Buffalo Classic Movie Buffs. She is proud to have put Buffalo and its glorious old movie palaces in the spotlight as the inaugural winner of the TCM in Your Hometown contest. You can find Toni on Twitter at @tonirubertoSee all of Toni’s CMH Articles Here.


Contributing Writers and Series

Daniel de Visé: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
Daniel de Visé is Don Knotts’ brother-in-law and author of Andy and Don, a lively and revealing biography, and the definitive work on the legacy of The Andy Griffith Show and two of America’s most enduring stars. The book features extensive unpublished interviews with those closest to both men. De Visé shares a wealth of new information about what really went on behind the scenes, including personal struggles and quarrels. Click below to purchase the book on Amazon. See all of Daniel’s CMH Articles about The Andy Griffith Show Here

Douglass K. Daniel: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
A journalist and biographer, Douglass K. Daniel is the author of Anne Bancroft: A Life, just published by the University Press of Kentucky. See all of Douglas’ CMH Articles about Anne Bancroft Here

Gary Lucas: Max Fleischer Contributing Series Writer and Musician
Dubbed “one of the best and most original guitarists in America” (Rolling Stone), Gary Lucas is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and composer, and an international recording artist with over 25 solo albums to date. As a fan of classic cinema, Gary tours extensively, playing live accompaniments to legendary horror films including Dracula, Frankenstein, and Vampyr among others. He has also recently released two classic-related albums: “Gary Lucas’ FLEISCHEREI: Music from Max Fleischer Cartoons” featuring 2015 Tony nominee Sarah Stiles as Betty Boop, and “Cinefantastique,” a collection of themes and incidental music from classic films, ranging from South Pacific to Psycho! You can learn more about Gary at or by following him on twitter @lucasgary.  See all of Gary’s CMH Articles about Max Fleischer Here

Gary Vitacco-Robles: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
Gary Vitacco-Robles is the author of ICON: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe, Volumes 1 & Volume 2, and writer/producer of the podcast series, Marilyn: Behind the Icon. See all of Gary’s Marilyn: Behind the Icon articles for CMH here.

Gwenda Young: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
Gwenda Young is a professor of film history and lecturer in film studies at University College, Cork, Ireland. She is the author of numerous articles about film history, including three articles about Clarence Brown, and co-editor of two books of critical essays. In 2003, along with Kevin Brownlow, she curated a retrospective of Brown’s films at the National Film Theatre, London. Her latest book, Clarence Brown: Hollywood’s Forgotten Master is the first full-length account of the life and career of the pioneering filmmaker. See all of Gwenda’s CMH Articles about Clarence Brown Here

James Bawden and Ron Miller: Book Authors and Contributing Series Writers
Retired journalists James Bawden and Ron Miller are the authors of Conversations with Classic Film Stars, an astonishing collection of rare interviews with the greatest celebrities of Hollywood’s golden age. Conducted over the course of more than fifty years, they recount intimate conversations with some of the most famous leading men and women of the era, including Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Joseph Cotten, Cary Grant, Gloria Swanson, Joan Fontaine, Loretta Young, Kirk Douglas, and many more.  See all of James’ and Ron’s CMH Articles about Classic Star Interviews Here

Sara and Cynthia Brideson: Book Authors and Contributing Series Writers
Sara and Cynthia Brideson are avid classic movie fans, and twin authors of Ziegfeld and His Follies: A Biography of Broadway’s Greatest Producer and Also Starring: Forty Biographical Essays on the Greatest Character Actors of Hollywood’s Golden Era, 1930-1965. They also are currently working on comprehensive biographies of Gene Kelly and Margaret Sullavan. You can follow them on twitter at @saraandcynthia or like them on Facebook at Cynthia and Sara Brideson.  See all of Sara and Cynthia’s CMH Articles about The Great Ziegfeld Here

Steve Massa: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
Steve Massa is the author of Slapstick Divas: The Women of Silent ComedyLame Brains and Lunatics: The Good, The Bad, and The Forgotten of Silent Comedy and Marcel Perez: The International Mirth-Maker. He has organized and curated comedy film programs for the Museum of Modern Art, The Library of Congress, The Museum of the Moving Image, The Smithsonian Institution, and The Pordenone Silent Film Festival.  See all of Steve’s CMH Articles about Women in Slapstick Comedy Here

Steven C. Smith: Book Author and Contributing Series Writer
Steven C. Smith is an Emmy-nominated documentary producer, writer, and speaker who specializes in Hollywood history. He is the author of two biographies: Music by Max Steiner: The Epic Life of Hollywood’s Most Influential Composer (Oxford University Press), and A Heart at Fire’s Center: The Life and Music of Bernard Herrmann (University of California Press; winner, ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award). Steven has produced over 200 documentaries for television and other media. They include The Sound of a City: Julie Andrews Returns to SalzburgA Place for Us: West Side Story’s Legacy; and Thou Shalt Not: Sex, Sin and Censorship in Pre-Code Hollywood. He can be reached at See all of Steven’s CMH Articles about Max Steiner Here  

Josh Kaye (2012): Contributing Writer
Josh Kaye was a Contributing Writer for Classic Movie Hub in 2012.  See all of Josh’s CMH Articles Here 

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