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Top 1910’s Movies (see all)

  1. Broadway Love (1918)
  2. Shoulder Arms (1918)
  3. Cinderella (1914)
  4. The Fireman (1916)
  5. Behind the Screen (1916)
  6. The Bank (1915)
  7. Triple Trouble (1918)
  8. The Three Godfathers (1916)
  9. Mabel's Married Life (1914)
  10. His New Job (1915)
  11. By the Sea (1915)
  12. The Professor (1919)
  13. The Cure (1917)
  14. A Jitney Elopement (1915)
  15. The Face on the Bar Room Floor (1914)
  16. Wild and Woolly (1917)
  17. The Vagabond (1916)
  18. A Busy Day (1914)
  19. A Night Out (1915)
  20. The Champion (1915)
  21. Getting Acquainted (1914)
  22. One A.M. (1916)
  23. His Musical Career (1914)
  24. Caught in a Cabaret (1914)
  25. The Adventurer (1917)

Fan Top Epic Movies (see all)

  1. Gone with the Wind (1939)
  2. Ben-Hur (1959)
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
  4. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
  5. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  6. Union Pacific (1939)
  7. How Green Was My Valley (1941)
  8. The Ten Commandments (1956)
  9. Giant (1956)
  10. The Time Machine (1960)
  11. Quo Vadis (1951)
  12. Knights of the Round Table (1953)
  13. The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)
  14. Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)
  15. A Tale of Two Cities (1935)
  16. Friendly Persuasion (1956)
  17. Solomon and Sheba (1959)
  18. Doctor Zhivago (1965)
  19. Alexander the Great (1956)
  20. The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)

Fan Top Satire Movies (see all)

  1. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
  2. Duck Soup (1933)
  3. My Man Godfrey (1936)
  4. Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)
  5. The Fortune Cookie (1966)
  6. The Great Race (1965)
  7. Tom Jones (1963)
  8. The Court Jester (1956)
  9. Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1957)
  10. The Great Dictator (1940)
  11. To Be or Not to Be (1942)
  12. Hail the Conquering Hero (1944)
  13. The Teahouse of the August Moon (1956)
  14. Finian's Rainbow (1968)
  15. Divorce Italian Style (1961)
  16. The Great McGinty (1940)
  17. One, Two, Three (1961)
  18. Divorce American Style (1967)
  19. Call Me Madam (1953)
  20. A King in New York (1957)

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This month we celebrate Legendary Funny Man Bob Hope with a 10 DVD/Blu-Ray giveaway from Kino Lorber! Each winner will have a choice of five classic titles, including Road to Rio, Road to Bali and My Favorite Brunette!    

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New Monthly Column: Noir Nook

In this month's Noir Nook, Karen Burroughs Hannsberry takes a look at five films from the noir era with amnesia themes in her column Am-noir-sia: The Amnesia Motif in Film Noir...

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New Monthly Column: Pre-Code Corner

In our second installment of Pre-Code Corner, Kim Luperi talks 'naughty' about the 1932 pre-code comedy, It's Tough to be Famous, starring Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Mary Brian...    

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Introducing our New Monthly Column: The Funny Papers

A Big Welcome Kellee Pratt and her new monthly column, The Funny Papers! This month Kellee kicks off by celebrating comedy bromance 'on the road' with legendary comic duo Bob Hope and Bing Crosby...

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Introducing our New Monthly Column: Classic Movie Travels

We are happy to announce the relaunch of our Classic Movie Travel column by Annette Bochenek! This month Annette 'visits' Colleen Moore's famous "Fairy Castle" at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago...

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Introducing our New Monthly Column: Vitaphone View

Welcome Ron Hutchinson, Founder of The Vitaphone Project! Ron's monthly column, The Vitaphone View, kicks off with an introduction to the Project and all of their good work locating previously lost soundtrack discs and restoring early sound shorts...

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Introducing our Next New Monthly Column: Noir Nook

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new monthly column, Noir Nook, with the first in a series called Uncommon Ladies of Noir by author Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. Think you know Noir? Well, you might want to think again... This month's Lady of Noir may surprise you...

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Classic Movie News:

(see more news)

These classic Hollywood movie posters were discovered by builders- under the carpets of a Cardiff cinema owner
(Aug 21, 2017 | WalesOnline)These classic Hollywood movie posters were discovered by builders -under the carpets of a Cardiff cinema ownerThe giant prints featuring Alfred H...

Jerry Lewis, Comedy Legend, Dies at 91
(Aug 20, 2017 | Variety)By Richard Natale, Carmel DaganAUGUST 20, 2017 | 10:50AM PT     ERIK PENDZICH/REX/SHUTTERSTOCKJerry Lewis, the bras...

Jerry Lewis, comedy genius, is dead at 91
(Aug 20, 2017 | USA Today)Bryan Alexander, USA TODAYThe comedian, director and actor was also known for his career-long battle against muscular dystrophy. He hosted The Jerry L...

Jerry Lewis, Nonpareil Genius of Comedy, Dies at 91
(Aug 20, 2017 | Hollywood Reporter)10:43 AM PDT 8/20/2017 by Duane Byrge , Mike BarnesChristopher PateyHe dominated show business with Dean Martin in the 1950s, star...

Glen Campbell, Whose Hit Songs Bridged Country and Pop, Dies at 81
(Aug 8, 2017 | New York Times)By MICHAEL POLLAKAUG. 8, 2017Continue reading the main storyShare This PageGlen Campbell playing guitar as host of the NBC television show "The M...

Legend Tribute: Gene Kelly

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Gene Kelly, born on August 23, 1912! As mentioned before with James Cagney, a prerequisite for stardom in classic Hollywood cinema was to hold the moniker triple threat. But what about a quadruple threat? Someone who can sing, dance, act, and direct? Surely such...  read more...

Mini Tribute Jack Weston

Born August 21, 1924, Character Actor Jack Weston! Weston appeared in over 100 roles — from bungling friends to terrifying villains. My personal favorite: Cactus Flower (I think I know his dialog by heart!), but there are so many other great ones too, including Wait Until Dark and Please Don’t...  read more...

Noir Nook: Am-noir-sia: The Amnesia Motif in Film Noir

Am-noir-sia: The Amnesia Motif in Film Noir Along with rain-swept streets, voiceover narration, and shadows neatly sliced by venetian blinds, one of film noir’s common features is the character suffering from memory loss. This month’s column takes a look at five films from the noir era with the amne......Read more

Pre-Code Corner: It’s Tough to Be Famous, but It’s Easy to Be Naughty

It’s Tough to Be Famous, but It’s Easy to Be Naughty Without a doubt, part of the lure of pre-Code pictures are those racy bits of dialogue that surprisingly retain the ability to shock or even make audiences blush over 80 years after they were first uttered. Though by now I expect these......Read more

The Funny Papers: Comedy Bromance, On the Road with Bob and Bing

Comedy Bromance: On the Road with Bob and Bing Two actors with successful careers in Hollywood, one known for his crooning skills and the other for his vaudevillian gags of comedy, paired together to make a series of films of chums on an adventure. Bob Hope and Bing Crosby made a total of seven film......Read more

Classic Movie Travels: Colleen Moores Fairy Castle

Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle One of the most memorable flappers of the 1920s was actress Colleen Moore. In fact, beloved writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote: “I was the spark that lit up Flaming Youth, Colleen Moore was the torch. What little things we are to have caused all that trouble.......Read more

Men in Drag: Exclusive Guest Post by Author Steve Massa (Slapstick Divas)

Men in Drag As if it weren’t enough that men dominated silent film comedy in general there were a few male comics who specialized in drag and often played female characters. Drag was a common and sure-fire laugh getter and almost every comedian, male and female, took advantage of it at some point. I......Read more

Vitaphone View: Early Talkies Talk Again

Early Talkies Talk Again! The Vitaphone Project was formed in 1991 by several film buffs and 78rpm record collectors with the goal of seeking out the 16 inch diameter shellac soundtrack disks that provided the audio portion of 1926-30 early sound films. These disks were shipped to theatres with the ......Read more

Uncommon Ladies of Noir: Rosemary DeCamp

Uncommon Ladies of Noir: Rosemary DeCamp Quick – think of an actress associated with film noir. Who’d you come up with? Barbara Stanwyck? Audrey Totter? Jane Greer? Claire Trevor? There’s a whole list of dames that would fit the bill, but I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that you didn’t name Rosemary ......Read more

Buster’s Girls: Exclusive Guest Post by Author Steve Massa (Slapstick Divas)

Buster’s Girls The most often seen silent comediennes are probably Sybil Seely and Virginia Fox, the leading ladies of Buster Keaton, as his popular shorts, such as One Week (1920), The Playhouse (1921), and Cops (1922), are still viewed and enjoyed today. Both women had started their careers as Mac......Read more

Fan Favorites: Ghosts Films (see full chart)

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Did you know that there is a Maltese Falcon House in San Francisco, CA?

Dashiell Hammett, author of The Maltese Falcon, lived at 891 Post Street (supposedly Apt #401) -- wh... ..  read more

National Film Registry

42nd Street, starring the legendary Warner Baxter, was released in 1933. In 1998, 65 years later, it was inducted into The National Film Registry. Thank you National Film Registry!
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Grauman's Chinese Theater

Ginger Rogers's, Footprints & Handprints were "set in stone" in Grauman's famous forecourt in 1939. So were Judy Garland, Jane Withers...  see more