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Top 1900’s Movies (see all)

  1. The Great Train Robbery (1903)
  2. Those Awful Hats (1909)
  3. Resurrection (1909)
  4. After Many Years (1908)
  5. The Hessian Renegades (1909)
  6. A Drunkard's Reformation (1909)
  7. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1905)
  8. The Country Doctor (1909)
  9. Bill Sharkey's Last Game (1909)
  10. At the Altar (1909)

Fan Top Epic Movies (see all)

  1. Gone with the Wind (1939)
  2. Ben-Hur (1959)
  3. The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
  4. All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
  5. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
  6. Union Pacific (1939)
  7. How Green Was My Valley (1941)
  8. The Ten Commandments (1956)
  9. The Time Machine (1960)
  10. Knights of the Round Table (1953)

Fan Top Public Domain Movies (see all)

  1. Royal Wedding (1951)
  2. The General (1926)
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
  4. Strauss' Great Waltz (1934)
  5. Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936)
  6. Behind Office Doors (1931)

Classic Movie News:

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PBS Airs Carol Burnett's Favorite Sketches Special Friday June 3
(May 31, 2016 | ABC News)by Cindy McLennan, May 6, 2016 Credit: Courtesy of TJL Productions. PBS is airing a new 90 minute special, Carol Burnett's Favorit...

"The Quiet Man" jaunting car finds a home in John Wayne museum in US
(May 25, 2016 | Irish Central)Nick Bramhill The jaunting car featured in the iconic film 'The Quiet Man' has found a home at the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iow...

Beth Howland, Accident-Prone Waitress From the Sitcom 'Alice,' Dies at 74
(May 24, 2016 | New York Times)By WILLIAM GRIMESMAY 24, 2016Continue reading the main storyShare This PageShareTweetEmailFrom left, Polly Holliday, Beth Howland and Linda Lavin...

IU's Orson Welles collection to be preserved, shared
(May 21, 2016 | TV Guide)By MARCELA CREPSThanks to a grant from the National Recording Preservation Foundation, rare and original recordings by Orson Welles will soon be digit...

Alan Young, Two-Legged Star of 'Mister Ed,' Dies at 96
(May 20, 2016 | Hollywood Reporter)2:59 PM PDT 5/20/2016 by Mike Barnes and Duane ByrgeAlan Young with his TV talking horse on 'Mister Ed'Courtesy of PhotofestSure, he starred...

'20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' Boots, 'Bambi' Baby Shoes Featured In Collecting Disney Exhibition
(May 20, 2016 | TV Guide)Pieces of history from Walt Disney Studios will soon be on display for the public at the Collecting Disney exhibition and auction.Baby shoes...

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Legend Tribute: Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Marilyn Monroe, born today, June 1 in 1926! Marilyn Monroe as Evie (waitress) in Dangerous Years, her first ‘real’ role — although it was a small role, it was her first credited and her first speaking part. ….. Marilyn Monroe as the gorgeous...  read more...

Mini Tribute Mel Blanc

Born May 30, 1908 Legendary Voice Actor Mel Blanc! Mel Blanc ‘appeared’ in an amazing 1,025+ shorts and films, and is the voice of some of the most iconic, lovable, and sometimes ‘despicable’ cartoon characters — including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat,...  read more...

TCM Classic Film Festival 2016: Films, Friends and Lots of Fun…

Recovering and Recapping the 2016 TCMFF… Well, another TCM Classic Film Festival has come and gone, and I’ve just about ‘recovered’ from my post-film-fest-blues (albeit not completely)… And, although I’m already counting the days until next year’s Festival (......Read more

The Animals in Film Blogathon: The Cheshire Cat in Alice In Wonderland (1951)

“Well, some go this way, and some go that way. But as for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut.” I have always been a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. I have distinct memories of reading the book as a little girl, and of course, seeing the movie — but I also have the most......Read more

Citizen Knotts

Don Knotts and the Great Orson Welles… On television and in the movies, comedic actor Don Knotts generally played second banana, deputizing himself — literally or figuratively — to someone else. Off screen, the reality of his theatrical relationships was a bit more complicated. And......Read more

TCM Honors Francis Ford Coppola with Handprint and Footprint Ceremony #TCMFF #TCMFFSP

Francis Ford Coppola Immortalized at Imprint Ceremony… I was thrilled to be able to cover the Francis Ford Coppola Handprint and Footprint Ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman’s) on April 29th as part of the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival. TCM’s Ben Mankiewicz host......Read more

TCM Classic Film Festival 2016: The “Pre-Show”

 2016 Turner Classic Movies Film Festival The “Pre-Show” On Tuesday, April 27th, at approximately 4:15am (EST) I stepped out of my apartment, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and stepped into the backseat of an awaiting taxi. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering not only why I would be awake at suc......Read more

Opera: Just as Fun as Swing!

Opera: Just as Fun as Swing! If you’ve watched enough musicals from the 1930s and 1940s, you’ll find the issue of opera vs. swing popping up quite often. In Judy Garland’s first short film, Every Sunday (1935), MGM paired her with soprano Deanna Durbin in a sort of singing duel. Judy again engaged i......Read more

National Classic Movie Day: 5 Movies on an Island Blogathon

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only watch five movies over and over, what would they be??? When Rick from Classic Film and TV Cafe announced the ’5 Movies on an Island’ Blogathon, I was elated. I thought, ‘what a fun idea and how easy it’ll be to particip......Read more

Max Fleischer Universe: Betty Boop’s “Little Pal”

  Max Fleischer Universe: Betty Boop’s “Little Pal” (1934, d. Dave Fleischer) I am here to sing the praises of Max Fleischer’s September 1934 animation gem “Betty Boop’s Little Pal”, which introduced the character of Pudgy the Pup. Pudgy, like Betty, wa......Read more

TCM Classic Film Festival Day Four Films: CineGIFs #TCMFF #TCMFFSP #MovingPictures

Day Four: TCM Classic Film Festival GIFs Some more GIFs from the featured films on the last day of TCM’s Classic Film Festival, 2016! Enjoy! The Kid (1921) Horse Feathers (1932) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) The Band Wagon (1953)   Cinema Paradiso (1988) ….. Until N......Read more

TCM Classic Film Festival Day Three Films: CineGIFs #TCMFF #TCMFFSP #MovingPictures

Day Three, Part II: TCM Classic Film Festival GIFs Some more great GIFs from today’s Films Enjoy! Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943) The King and I (1956) Band of Outsiders (1964) ….. Others Include: Midnight (1939) The War of the Worlds (1953) Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968......Read more

TCM Classic Film Festival Day Three Films: CineGIFs #TCMFF #TCMFFSP #MovingPictures

Day Three: TCM Classic Film Festival GIFs Some GIFs from the films being shown at the TCM Classic Film Festival today Enjoy! Intolerance (1916) Bambi (1942) > The Big Sleep (1946) ….. Others Include: The Big Sleep (1946) The Long Goodbye (1973) Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982) &#......Read more

Fan Favorites: Musical Films (see full chart)

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Did you know that there is a Bing Crosby Collection in Spokane, WA?

Gonzaga University's Crosby Student Center houses the Crosbyana Room, where about 200 pieces of the ... ..  read more

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