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Top 1920’s Movies (see all)

  1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
  2. The Gold Rush (1925)
  3. The Circus (1928)
  4. Sherlock Jr. (1924)
  5. The General (1926)
  6. Nosferatu (1922)
  7. The Kid (1921)
  8. Wings (1927)
  9. Sunrise (1927)
  10. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920)
  11. Our Hospitality (1923)
  12. Big Business (1929)
  13. Safety Last! (1923)
  14. Metropolis (1927)
  15. The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
  16. Seven Chances (1925)
  17. The Crowd (1928)
  18. Blood and Sand (1922)
  19. The Jazz Singer (1927)
  20. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)
  21. The Thief of Bagdad (1924)
  22. Girl Shy (1924)
  23. Scaramouche (1923)
  24. Street Angel (1928)
  25. 7th Heaven (1927)

Fan Top Mystery Movies (see all)

  1. Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
  2. After the Thin Man (1936)
  3. The Thin Man (1934)
  4. North by Northwest (1959)
  5. Rear Window (1954)
  6. The Big Sleep (1946)
  7. Another Thin Man (1939)
  8. The Maltese Falcon (1941)
  9. Charade (1963)
  10. Psycho (1960)
  11. Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
  12. Vertigo (1958)
  13. The Barefoot Contessa (1954)
  14. Mildred Pierce (1945)
  15. Suspicion (1941)
  16. Dial M for Murder (1954)
  17. Rebecca (1940)
  18. Shadow of the Thin Man (1941)
  19. To Catch a Thief (1955)
  20. The Lady Vanishes (1938)

Fan Top American Revolution Movies (see all)

  1. John Paul Jones (1959)
  2. Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
  3. The Time of Their Lives (1946)
  4. Daniel Boone (1936)
  5. The Howards of Virginia (1940)
  6. The Devil's Disciple (1959)
  7. Johnny Tremain (1957)
  8. The Scarlet Coat (1955)
  9. Berkeley Square (1933)

Monthy Column: Classic Movie Travels

Classic Movie Travels: Glenda Farrell, Wichita, Kansas Glenda Farrell There are so many actresses to celebrate when it comes to Depression Era films, and Glenda Farrell is certainly one of them. Shining with snappy dialogue in several cleverly construed plots, it is no surprise that Glenda’s ......
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Monthy Column: Noir Nook

YouTube Spotlight: Johnny O’Clock Back in the day, you had to rely on late-night TV or cable, or fork over your hard-owned dough for VHS tapes and DVDs in order to experience the shadowy world of film noir. But no more. All you need now is access to the internet and you can dive headfirst into......
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Monthy Column: Pre-Code Corner

One More Hurdle to Cross: The Censorship Woes of One More River In between the credits and the opening shot of One More River, a certificate proclaims that the picture has been passed by the Production Code Administration (PCA), the 122nd film to do so. So why am I writing about it for Pre-Code Cor......
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Monthy Column: Looking at the Stars

“I like what I’m doing now. It’s clean. No makeup on the face.” - Billy Haines on his interior decorating career. During my last road trip, I listened to Wisecracker: The Life and Times of William Haines, Hollywood’s First Openly Gay Star by William J. Mann. Not only is......
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Monthy Column: Film Noir Review

  “Operator, I’ve been ringing Murray Hill 35097 for the last half hour and the line is always busy.” While the film noir continues to thrive in the modern day, a stylistic shoot-off, the melodramatic noir, remains frozen in the ember of classic Hollywood. This shoot-off reign......
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Monthy Column: Noir Nook

  The Luck of the Irish (and not so Irish) The month of March is known for many things – the beginning of spring, the start of Daylight Savings Time…and St. Patrick’s Day! Where I’m from, in Chicago, we dye the local river green to acknowledge this foremost patron saint of Ireland – and w......
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Monthy Column: Silents Are Golden

The Thoroughly Lost Art of the Title Card A few months ago I wrote a brief overview on silent films title cards, covering both their practical use and their artistic side. Now I’m going to delve a little deeper into that artistic side, giving a peek into the trends that popped up throughout that cre......
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Classic Movie News:

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Dyan Cannon Says Cary Grant Will Be Part of Upcoming Musical
(Apr 3, 2018 | Fox News)Cary Grant and his then-wife Dyan Cannon with their daughter Jennifer Grant.  (Getty)by Stephanie NolascoApril 3, 2018Dyan Cannon is feeling at p...

Lena Waithe Really Wants To Do a Biopic of Mary Tyler Moore
(Apr 2, 2018 | Time)By CADY LANG April 2, 2018Emmy-winning writer, actor, and producer Lena Waithe has made a name for herself with projects like...

Martin Scorcese On His Latest Project: Educating Students About The Power Of Film
(Mar 28, 2018 | Parade)by Mara ReinsteinMarch 28, 2018Growing up in a working-class family in the mean streets of New York City's Little Italy neighborhood, Martin Scor...

Carmel To Hold Birthday Bash For Doris Day
(Mar 28, 2018 | Classic Movie Hub)By CARLY MAYBERRY | Monterey HeraldPUBLISHED: March 28, 2018 at 5:48 am | UPDATED: March 29, 2018 at 4:22 am Carmel - In...

Mel Brooks' and Anne Bancroft's Hamptons Home For Sale
(Mar 28, 2018 | Observer)Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft's Former Hamptons Cottage Is BackBy Morgan Halberg • 03/28/18 12:15pmThere are plenty of celebrity homes...

Legend Tribute: Harold Lloyd

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend Harold Lloyd, born April 20th, 1893! Harold Lloyd in Safety Last (1923, Fred C. NewMeyer director) You see that still frame above you? The only one that’s there? With Harold Lloyd? Well,  in my opinion, that still frame is the embodiment of the silent era comedy....  read more...

Mini Tribute Eddie Albert

Born April 22, 1906 Eddie Albert! Eddie Albert appeared in over 200 film and TV roles, including Roman Holiday, Oklahoma and The Longest Day. Perhaps Albert’s most famous role was on TV sitcom Green Acres as lawyer-turned-farmer Oliver Wendell Douglas! Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert as Lisa and Oliver...  read more...

Announcement: Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon

  Announcing the Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon Long ago and not so far away I teamed with the fabulous Once Upon a Screen to form a partnership in honor of memorable movie duos. Time, work and numerous other events have prevented us from resurrecting this topic, which was met with grea......Read more

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story – Interview with Daniel Raim

Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story Interview with director Daniel Raim What comes to mind when you think of the word Hollywood? Glamour? Yup. Scandal? Sure. Stardom? Of course. But film maker Daniel Raim wants to show you a different side of Hollywood – a more human side. The side tha......Read more

The Whales of August – Interview with Michael Kaplan

The Whales of August Questions An Interview with Michael Kaplan As I cozied up on my couch to watch The Whales of August on a delightful winter day, I had no idea what to expect. Well, that’s not entirely true…I did know to expect Bette Davis and Lillian Gish, but that was about it. The......Read more

Gene Coon: From Beatrice Nebraska to Star Trek and Beyond

Gene Coon: From Beatrice Nebraska to Star Trek and Beyond Interview with Local Historian Jeanelle Kleveland, Gage County Classic Film Institute “To me, in many ways, Gene L. Coon was the heart and soul of Star Trek.” -David Gerrold, screenwriter, The Trouble with Tribbles This weekend......Read more

5 Things You May Not Know about Ernest Borgnine

  5 Things You May Not Know about Ernest Borgnine   Like today is his birthday. Happy 101st Birthday to the legend Ernest Borgnine! ….. In the Navy Borgnine donning his Cheif Petty Officer hat Borgnine enlisted in the Navy right after high school in 1935. He served the contracted four years be......Read more

5 Things You May Not Know about Conrad Veidt

  5 Things You May Not Know about Conrad Veidt  Like today is his birthday. Happy 125th Birthday to the legend Conrad Veidt! ..… 1. Conscription: The Alt-Theater Camp And who says war is good for absolutely nothing Due to a little thing called World War I, simply know as The Great War back the......Read more

CMH Just For Fun, Loretta Young

Just for Fun… What’s Her Name? No contest here, just a fun (hopefully) trivia question to test your classic movie knowledge!  If you’re stumped and need to find the answer, you can click through to our Loretta Young bio page   ….. –Annmarie Gatti for Classic Mov......Read more

Hollywood at Play: Evolution of Photography Styles with Publicity Stills, Exclusive Guest Post by Author Mary Mallory

  Evolution of Photography Styles with Publicity Stills Never a trendsetter, always a follower, motion picture still photography has evolved over 100 years, aping popular processes and styles inaugurated and practiced for decades by art photographers and journalists. Technological advancements ......Read more

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Classic Movie Events

The Man Who Shot Liberty Vala...
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (Silver Spring, MD)
Apr 22
Ride the High Country
Indiana University Cinema (Bloomington, IN)
Apr 22

West Side Story
Majestic Theatre (Dallas, TX)
Apr 22

Female / Three on a Match / B...
Cinema Arts Centre (Huntington, NY)
Apr 03 To May 01

Dryden Theatre / George Eastman House (Rochester, NY)
Apr 18 To Apr 23

Le Corbeau
Film Forum (New York City, NY)
Apr 20 To May 01

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (Silver Spring, MD)
Apr 21 To Apr 25

Tonight and Every Night
Spaghetti Warehouse (Syracuse, NY)
Apr 23

42nd Street
Normal Theater (Normal, IL)
Apr 24 To Apr 29
The Haunting
LACMA / Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Los Angeles, CA)
Apr 24
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Did you know that there is a Jackie Gleason Statue in NY, NY?

TV Land honors The Honeymooners with a statue of Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden which stands at the... ..  read more

National Film Registry

An American in Paris, starring the legendary Gene Kelly, was released in 1951. In 1993, 42 years later, it was inducted into The National Film Registry. Thank you National Film Registry!
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Grauman's Chinese Theater

Cary Grant's, Footprints & Handprints were "set in stone" in Grauman's famous forecourt in 1951. So were Susan Hayward, Hildegard Knef, Oskar Werner...  see more