Classic Movie Hub (CMH)
  1. The Great Train Robbery (1903)
  2. At the Altar (1909)
  3. Rescued from an Eagle's Nest (1908)
  4. The Golden Louis (1909)
  5. The Sealed Room (1909)
  6. The Lonely Villa (1909)
  7. Lady Helen's Escapade (1909)
  8. Those Awful Hats (1909)
  9. Resurrection (1909)
  10. After Many Years (1908)
  11. The Hessian Renegades (1909)
  12. A Drunkard's Reformation (1909)
  13. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1905)
  14. The Country Doctor (1909)
  15. Bill Sharkey's Last Game (1909)
  16. The Red Man's View (1909)
  17. Romeo and Juliet (1908)
  18. To Save Her Soul (1909)
  19. In Little Italy (1909)
  20. Balked at the Altar (1908)

Top Sports Movies

  1. Golden Boy (1939)
  2. Woman of the Year (1942)
  3. The Absent-Minded Professor (1961)
  4. Damn Yankees (1958)
  5. Pat and Mike (1952)
  6. A Day at the Races (1937)
  7. Angels in the Outfield (1951)
  8. The Great Race (1965)
  9. National Velvet (1944)
  10. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951)
  11. The Pride of the Yankees (1942)
  12. The Long Gray Line (1955)
  13. Kid Galahad (1937)
  14. Body and Soul (1947)
  15. Blood and Sand (1941)

Top The New World Movies

  1. Christopher Columbus (1949)
  2. Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
  3. Unconquered (1947)

Most talked about Legends

  1. Katharine Hepburn
    106 articles in 22 blogs
  2. Carole Lombard
    96 articles in 18 blogs
  3. Bette Davis
    80 articles in 28 blogs
  4. Barbara Stanwyck
    80 articles in 26 blogs
  5. Cary Grant
    77 articles in 19 blogs
  6. Tyrone Power
    73 articles in 10 blogs
  7. Marilyn Monroe
    58 articles in 17 blogs
  8. Alfred Hitchcock
    58 articles in 21 blogs
  9. Buster Keaton
    58 articles in 18 blogs
  10. Joan Crawford
    49 articles in 20 blogs
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Most talked about Character Actors

  1. Basil Rathbone
    14 articles in 7 blogs
  2. Jane Wyman
    14 articles in 4 blogs
  3. Hattie McDaniel
    13 articles in 9 blogs
  4. Claude Rains
    12 articles in 9 blogs
  5. Rosalind Russell
    12 articles in 7 blogs
  6. Eve Arden
    9 articles in 5 blogs
  7. Thelma Ritter
    7 articles in 7 blogs
  8. Ernest Borgnine
    7 articles in 5 blogs
  9. Louise Beavers
    6 articles in 4 blogs
  10. Marjorie Main
    6 articles in 3 blogs
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In the News

Legend Tribute: Boris Karloff

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Boris Karloff, born on November 23, 1887! Horror Icon, Boris Karloff, played some of the best (and scariest) monsters, madmen and villains of all time! Of course there’s Frankenstein (aka ‘The Monster” or — as listed in the opening credits...  read more...

Mini Tribute Daws Butler

Born November 16, 1916 Classic Cartoon Voice Actor Daws Butler Daws Butler has over 300 voice acting credits to his name. He voiced the Turtle/Penguin in the Disney film, Mary Poppins — plus a cavalcade of classic cartoon favorites including Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Snagglepuss, Huckleberry...  read more...

What a Character Blogathon 2014: Melville Cooper

Yes, Indeed! Melville Cooper is Quite a Character! Pompous snobs, disdainful servants, cowards, bunglers, confidence men and thieves… yes, that would be Melville Cooper, and he is quite the character!  I can still remember the first time I ‘encountered’ him — as Miss Elizabet......Read more

British Empire in Film Blogathon: Lawrence of Arabia

British Empire in Film Blogathon Lawrence of Arabia: Part One –The Creation of Myth A portrait of the real Lawrence of Arabia. We open on a lone motorcycle – the very symbol of freedom, the open road – and escape from the trappings of the civilized world. Enter frame right, an elegant, s......Read more

The Fairy Tale Blogathon: Cinderella (1914)

And they Lived Happily Ever After… Ah, Cinderella! What little girl didn’t grow up hearing, in some version or other, the classic tale of Cinderella?  As for me, it first came in the form of a dazzling, illustrated oversized storybook (which I remember as if it were only yesterday!) and ......Read more

TCM Kicks Off ‘Fan Favorite’ Segment on November 29th: Four Fans to Share Favorite Films with Us!

Four Very Special TCM Fans to Share Favorite ‘Holiday’ Films with us on TCM, the Saturday after Thanksgiving! How exciting is this?!?!? On November 29th, TCM will be kicking off a new segment called “Fan Favorites” in which Ben Mankiewicz will be video chatting with four pass......Read more

Rita Hayworth getTV Blogathon: The Strawberry Blonde

  And my getTV Rita Hayworth Blogathon Pick is… The Strawberry Blonde… “The Jolliest Show this Side of the Naughty Nineties” The Strawberry Blonde is one of ‘those’ movies that I remember so fondly from my childhood. I even remember twirling around my living ......Read more

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The Iron Horse
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center (Silver Spring, MD)
Nov 22
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(Nashville, TN)

Nov 22 To Nov 23

Thieves' Highway
Charles Theatre
(Baltimore, MD)

Nov 22

Gone With The Wind
The Texas Theatre
(Oak Cliff, TX)

Nov 22

AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
(Silver Spring, MD)

Nov 22

Paths of Glory
Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago
(Chicago, IL)

Nov 22

Dark Victory / Ninotchka
Loew's Jersey Theater
(Jersey City, NJ)

Nov 22

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National Film Registry

In 1992, The Night of the Hunter starring the legendary Robert Mitchum, was inducted into The National Film Registry, 37 years after its initial release (1955).
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Grauman's Chinese Theater

Ginger Rogers's, Footprints & Handprints were "set in stone" in Grauman's famous forecourt in 1939. So were Judy Garland, Jane Withers...  see more