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Top 1970’s Movies (see all)

  1. The Godfather Part II (1974)
  2. Family Plot (1976)
  3. A Little Romance (1979)
  4. Night Moves (1975)

Fan Top Horror Movies (see all)

  1. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
  2. The Birds (1963)
  3. Psycho (1960)
  4. Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
  5. Frankenstein (1931)
  6. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
  7. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)
  8. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955)
  9. The Black Cat (1934)
  10. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951)
  11. House on Haunted Hill (1959)
  12. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)
  13. Dracula (1931)
  14. King Kong (1933)
  15. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)
  16. The Wolf Man (1941)
  17. Cat People (1942)
  18. Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1953)
  19. The Bad Seed (1956)
  20. Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Fan Top Priests, Ministers, Clergy, Nuns Movies (see all)

  1. Angels with Dirty Faces (1938)
  2. Boys Town (1938)
  3. The Bells of St. Mary's (1945)
  4. Going My Way (1944)
  5. The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)
  6. The Singing Nun (1966)
  7. The Prisoner (1955)
  8. The Left Hand of God (1955)
  9. The Nun's Story (1959)
  10. A Man Called Peter (1955)
  11. The Scarlet Letter (1934)
  12. The Scarlet Letter (1926)
  13. Angel in my Pocket (1969)
  14. Heavens Above! (1963)

Cagney, the Musical: Exclusive Interview with Robert Creighton

CMH sits down and chats with Robert Creighton, the Star and Co-Author of the musical, Cagney for this exclusive 20-minute video interview! Cagney is currently playing at the Westside Theatre in NYC...   

Click here to watch the entire video

Classic Movie News:

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Adam West, TV's 'Batman,' Dies at 88
(Jun 10, 2017 | Variety)JUNE 10, 2017 | 08:19AM PTAdam West - an actor defined and also constrained by his role in the 1960s series "Batman" - died Friday nigh...

Roger Smith, '77 Sunset Strip' Star and Ann-Margret's Husband, Dies at 84
(Jun 5, 2017 | Variety)Roger Smith, who starred in the series "77 Sunset Strip" and was married to actress Ann-Margret, died Sunday in Sherman Oaks. He was 84.The hands...

Newport Beach dedicates newly named John Wayne Park
(May 26, 2017 | LA Times)John Wayne is part of Newport Beach's history, and now, its geography.City officials past and present dedicated a renamed park Friday in honor of the ...

Ronald Berkeley, Journeyman Make-up Artist, 1930 - 2017
(May 25, 2017 | Make-Up Artist)Ronald Berkeley, a longtime personal make-up artist for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, died May 9, 2017. Per, he was 86 years old. The ...

Behind the Scenes With John Wayne in 1969
(May 25, 2017 | Time)John Wayne - born 110 years ago, on May 26, 1907 - embodied a very particular kind of American hero. In 1969, in the wake of what LIFE called a "splen...

Legend Tribute: Peter Lorre

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Peter Lorre, born today, June 26 in 1904! When I think of Peter Lorre two things come to mind: those big, buggy eyes and that sneery, nasally voice. I guess it makes sense that the Austria-born actor would go on to be typecast as the “sinister foreigner.” So,...  read more...

Mini Tribute Georgia Hale

Born June 24, 1905 Silent Actress Georgia Hale! Georgia Hale appeared in 22 films (21 silents and 1 talkie) but is probably best remembered as Georgia the Dance-Hall Girl (Charlie Chaplin’s ‘crush’) in The Gold Rush… Georgia Hale and Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush (1925, Charles...  read more...

Happy Father’s Day to All… Classic Movie Dads and their Classic Movie Kids…

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all those Dads out there! And Celebrating the Day with a Quick Pictorial… This is just a simple post with some pictures of Classic Movie Dads and their Classic Movie Kids. I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch, so consider this ‘part oneR......Read more

Film Noir Review : The Hoodlum (1951)

“You cheap hood. Always looking for a fall guy and never realizing you’re it.” Decency, while more prominent in genres like westerns or comedies, is inherent to film noir. In fact, it is an integral part of the noir structure, as characters are constantly being faced with its exist......Read more

Warner Archive Instant Interview with Classic Movie Hub

Talking ‘Classics’ with Warner Archive Instant A Big Thank You to Carley and Mike of Warner Archive Instant for hosting a Facebook Live Video Chat today with yours truly. What a pleasure it was to meet them both, and to talk about our love for classic movies! Couldn’t think of a be......Read more

Film Noir Review: Harper (1966)

“Hey, this detective work is really fun!” Harper is the rare case of a film whose literary origin and cinematic style come from the same source. It was adapted from Ross Macdonald’s novel The Moving Target, which, upon publication in 1949, was a blatant attempt at emulating the private e......Read more

A Very Happy Classic Movie Easter Pictorial!

Happy Easter from Classic Movie Hub! Just wanted to share some fun Easter photos…  Just love Bugs… And that hat is to die for ….. Doris Day chillin’ in a comfy Easter basket… ….. Look at the smile on their faces… I remember smiling like that when I was ......Read more

Classic Movie Travels: Nova Scotia, Canada – The King and I, and Titanic

Classic Movie Travel Sites in Halifax, Nova Scotia I had the pleasure of visiting Nova Scotia over the summer, and as any true-blue Classic Movie Fan would do, I just had to find some classic-movie-related sites to make my trip complete! That said, I’d like to share some photos and a youtube c......Read more

Breaking Barriers: Rita Moreno

Breaking Barriers Rita Moreno  To quote Barack Obama at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors, “[Rita Moreno] is still a leading lady of her era, a trailblazer with courage to break through barriers and forge new paths.” That’s not the only political powerhouse to show love to Moreno. Supreme Court Judge S......Read more

Film Noir Review: Dark City (1950)

“Guys like you seldom get arrested. You get killed first.” Dark City is a devious example of intermingled genres. It’s upfront in its blend of horror and noir, an agenda that’s hinted at within the film’s opening sequence. Danny Haley (Charlton Heston) confidently walks down ......Read more

5 Things You May Not Know about Sterling Hayden

5 Things You May Not Know about Sterling Hayden   Like today is his birthday. Happy 101st Birthday to the legend Sterling Hayden! ….. He was a beauty So pretty. Sure, most stars during the classic era of Hollywood were beautiful but Paramount decided to take it to the next level with Hayden. In 1941......Read more

Breaking Barriers: Hattie McDaniel

  Breaking Barriers Hattie McDaniel Hattie McDaniel has the distinct honor of being the first black actor in history to win an Academy Award. On February 29th, 1940, she defied the odds and beat four white actresses, including her own co-star Olivia de Havilland, to win that Oscar gold. This wa......Read more

Breaking Barriers: Dorothy Dandrige

  Breaking Barriers Dorothy Dandridge Multi-talented, incredibly beautiful, and disciplined in the performing arts since childhood, Dorothy Dandridge could have been as big as Beyonce if she was just born 80 years later. Instead she was born in 1922. A time when opportunities  for African Amer......Read more

Breaking Barriers: Lena Horne

  Breaking Barriers Lena Horne When Lena Horne signed a long-term contract with MGM it was a very big deal. The year was 1942 and prior to that no black actor had ever been privy to such lucrative contract with any major studio. More importantly, no black actor had ever wielded as much power in......Read more

Fan Favorites: Ghosts Films (see full chart)

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Jun 02 To Jul 05

Film Forum (New York City, NY)
Jun 16 To Jun 27

Old Town Music Hall (El Segundo, CA)
Jun 23 To Jun 24

Sullivan's Travels (1941), Th...
Stanford Theatre (Palo Alto, CA)
Jun 23 To Jun 25

Broncho Billy Silent Film Fes...
Edison Theater / Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum (Fremont, CA)
Jun 23 To Jun 25

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Classic Movie Travel Sites

Did you know that there is a Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria, NY?

The Museum of the Moving Image maintains the nation's largest and most comprehensive collection of a... ..  read more

National Film Registry

In 2013, Wild Boys of the Road starring the legendary Frankie Darro, was inducted into The National Film Registry, 80 years after its initial release (1933).
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Grauman's Chinese Theater

Debbie Reynolds's, Footprints & Handprints were "set in stone" in Grauman's famous forecourt in 1965. So were Marcello Mastroianni, Frank Sinatra...  see more