Mini Tribute: Georgia Hale

Born June 24, 1905 Silent Actress Georgia Hale!

Georgia Hale appeared in 22 films (21 silents and 1 talkie) but is probably best
remembered as Georgia the Dance-Hall Girl (Charlie Chaplin’s ‘crush’) in
The Gold Rush

Georgia Hale and Charlie Chapin in The Gold RushGeorgia Hale and Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush (1925, Charles Chaplin director, producer and writer)

“If I could only meet someone worthwhile — I’m so tired of this place.” -Georgia Hale in The Gold Rush


Georgia Hale and Charlie Chaplin in The Gold RushAnd the wonderful ending!

“Please, please, don’t put him in irons. I’ll pay his fare.”
– Georgia Hale in The Gold Rush


A little bit of trivia: Chaplin hired Hale to replace Virginia Cherrill as the Blind Girl in City Lights after firing Cherrill for leaving the set for a hair appointment. Chaplin filmed some scenes with Hale, but ultimately decided to rehire Cherrill (at twice the salary) rather than scrap all of his work and re-shoot over 500 days of film.

–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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