Mini Tribute: Anne Revere

Born June 25, 1903 Character Actress Anne Revere!

Anne Revere appeared in over 45 film and TV roles. She played her share of hard-working and wise mothers, as well as sympathetic and sometimes sharp-tongued friends.  She won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for National Velvet and was nominated twice more for The Song of Bernadette and Gentleman’s Agreement.

And, my favorite bit of trivia about Anne Revere: she was a direct descendant of American Revolution Hero Paul Revere!

Ann Revere and Paul RevereAnne Revere and her famous ancestor, Paul Revere


Anne Revere in National VelvetAnne Revere as Elizabeth Taylor’s mother, Mrs. Brown, in National Velvet (1944, director Clarence Brown)

What’s the meaning of goodness if there isn’t a little badness to overcome?
-Anne Revere as Mrs. Brown in National Velvet


Anne Revere in The Song of BernadetteAnne Revere as Jennifer Jones’ mother, Louise Soubirous, in The Song of Bernadette (1945, director Henry King)

Life goes fast, my child. It’s hard to believe how fast.
-Anne Revere as Louise Soubirous in The Song of Bernadette


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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