Mini Tribute: Child Star Jackie Coogan

Born October 26, 1914 Child Actor, Jackie Coogan!

Couldn’t resist this one!

Jackie Coogan — ADORABLE as a kid and kinda ‘cute’ as Uncle Fester too!!!

Jackie Coogan as a kid and as Uncle FesterCoogan appeared in over 140 film and TV roles — most famously as The Kid in Charlie Chaplin‘s silent classic, The Kid… and of course, much later on, as the eccentric and lovable Uncle Fester in The Addams Family!

Jackie Coogan as Child Actor — just TOO adorable in The Kid!

But let us not forget that Jackie Coogan also served our country during WWII. He enlisted in the US Army and served as an Air Force glider pilot, volunteering for hazardous duty and flying dangerous missions behind enemy lines during the Burma Campaign.

Jackie Coogan as Staff Sgt glider pilot during World War IIJackie Coogan in his greatest role as real-life Staff Sgt John Cooper!

–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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