Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Harpo Marx

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Harpo Marx, born on November 23, 1888!

Full disclosure: I just adore The Marx Brothers — their quick-witted zany comedy, their clever LOL-funny slapstick routines, and their absolutely marvelous musicianship.  Harpo, of course, never spoke a word in those fabulous Marx Brothers comedies, but needless to say, he was a comic genius and not-too-shabby (HUGE understatement) on the harp!  That said, without further adieu, a quick tribute to the ‘strong silent type’ Harpo Marx!


Harpo Marx as comedian with his inimitable ‘Leg Routine’ from Animal Crackers (1930, director Victor Heerman)


Harpo Marx as harpist playing a ‘twist’ on Lizst’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody from A Night in Casablanca (1946, director Archie Mayo)


Harpo Marx as pianist playing a duet with his brother Chico in The Big Store (1941, director Charles Reisner)


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