7X7 Award! My Favorite Posts…

My First 7×7 Award; My First Blog Award for that matter!

First of all I must apologize 1000x over that it’s taken me so long to acknowledge and follow through on receiving this award! The time just really flew by, and before I knew it, well, here I am… very delinquent, but very excited about it just the same!

So that said, a BIG THANK YOU to What Happened 2 Hollywood for tagging me with this award. The 7×7 Award is a kind of ‘gettin to know you’ award that allows bloggers to highlight their favorite pieces by answering a set number of questions, and then allows them to promote other bloggers by nominating/tagging them so that they can do the same. Really, a nice way to build the community and promote each other!

7x7 Link AwardThis is a first for me, so I hope that I do it justice — here goes…

1.Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you.
I love history and I love traveling — but I am the kind of person that can drive people absolutely nuts when I’m on vacation because I must (yes, must) see just about every thing there is to see in any given location, even the ‘not-so-classic’ stuff (yes, I am the type of person that would drive that extra mile just to see the biggest ball of yarn in the US).

2. Link to one of the posts that I think best fits the following categories:
a. Most beautiful piece:
I don’t know if I would really call any of my posts ‘beautiful’ but I was able to post some breath-taking photos of my trip to Lindos, Greece where I saw the filming location for The Guns of Navarone. That was a big thrill for me!  I just love to see any places that are even remotely related to Classic Movies!  Classic Movie Travels: Rhodes, Greece (Lindos)

b. Most helpful piece:
Well, in the strictest sense of the word, I can’t say that I’ve written any ‘helpful’ posts —  but I do try to add as many Mini Tributes as possible that call attention to lesser-known and/or forgotten actors and actresses — particularly those marvelous Character Actors that we’ve all seen but can’t always remember their names. One example of these posts is Mini Tribute: Character Actor Howard Morris – where I acknowledge Howard for his feature film roles (i.e. The Nutty Professor), as well as his roles on TV (i.e. Ernest T Bass), in cartoons (i.e. Mr. Peebles), and as director (i.e. With Six You Get Eggroll).

c. Most popular piece:
This one really surprised me! Believe it or not, my most popular piece is the one called Classic Movie Legends Tribute: Johnny Weissmuller. Not that I don’t think Johnny Weissmuller is a deserving subject; I just thought that one of my more ‘mainstream’ posts would be the most popular, for example my post about Judy Garland or Tony Curtis or Stan Laurel (for the record, Classic Movie Legends Tribute: Stan Laurel is my 2nd most popular post).

d. Most controversial piece:
Humm. I don’t believe that any of my posts are controversial. We’ll see if that changes in the future!

e. Surprisingly successful piece:
Again, I’d have to say Classic Movie Legends Tribute: Johnny Weissmuller.  It still continues to get lots of hits, even though it was originally posted in early June!

f. Most underrated piece:
I would have to say Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Margaret Dumont.  Perhaps I’m being partial here — because I adore Margaret Dumont in all of those fabulous Marx Brothers movie — but I feel that the post is entertaining and it includes some fun Dumont movie quotes.  I just love Classic Movie Quotes 🙂

g. Most pride-worthy piece:
What a Character! Blogathon: Erik Rhodes and Alan Hale is my most pride-worthy piece.  First of all, this post was written for my first-ever Blogathon, which was brand-new territory for me! Secondly, although Erik Rhodes and Alan Hale are two of my favorite character actors — and I laugh out loud whenever I see them — I had to do quite a bit of research to really get this post Blogathon-worthy.  There is also another post which I believe deserves an ‘honorable mention’ which is What we Love about Dads: A Salute to Three Classic Movie Fathers. It’s short and sweet, but I feel it speaks mountains.

3. Pass this award on to seven other blogs/bloggers:
Okay, this was tough because there are so many fabulous Classic Movie Blogs out there (seriously!) and I do read them on a regular basis.  Let me start by saying that I do sincerely enjoy reading all 27 blogs on my CMH BlogHub (listed at the bottom of this post), most of which have already won this award. So, I tried hard not to include any past winners in my seven (to the best of my knowledge anyway).

Seven Blogs*:
Black & White All Over
Carole & Co.
Classic Film & TV Cafe
Comet Over Hollywood
The Giddy Blog
The Great Katharine Hepburn
Virtual Virago

*CMH BlogHub members, ALL of which deserve a read! :)))  Most have already won this award — so if I missed any in my above list (that wasn’t already nominated for a 7×7 award) consider it tagged!
All Good Things
Black & White All Over
Cafe Muscato
Carole & Co.
Cinemaniac Reviews
Cinematically Insane
Classic Cinema Gold
Classic Film & TV Cafe
Classic Horror Campaign
Classic Movie Man
Comet Over Hollywood
Critica Retro
Hollywood Revue
Journeys in Classic Film
Movie Star Makeover
Noir and Chick Flicks
Once Upon a Screen
Opinionated Film Reviews
Rashomon Effect
ScribeHard on Film
Shadows and Satin
The Baz
The Giddy Blog
The Great Katharine Hepburn
True Classics
Virtual Virago


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  1. Annmarie, thanks for much for passing this award to me – I will definitely be participating!

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