Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Deborah Kerr

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Deborah Kerr, Born September 30, 1921!

Deborah Kerr is not what one would call a household name. If you were to ask most people under the age of 50 who she is, well, you’d probably get nothing back but a blank stare. However, in the lexicon of movie history, she is something far more important: she is a household image. And what do I mean by household image?  Well, let me give you an example. One of the most iconic romance scenes ever filmed was of Kerr and Burt Lancaster. You know the one: the heated embrace, the crashing waves, the kiss. It’s become simultaneously one of the most mimicked, and one of the most parodied scenes, in all of film history. Even if someone hasn’t seen From Here to Eternity, heck, even if they don’t even know the movie exists, they know that scene. This is what I mean. Although some people may not remember her by name, they surely recognize her image.  And in the world of motion pictures, that itself gives Kerr the ultimate immortality: pure image unmarred by scandals of a name.  So, to celebrate this goddess of the silver screen’s birthday, let us look her immortal image.

…..Cary Grant, an affair to remember, classic movie actor, leo mccareyDeborah Kerr with Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember (1957, Leo McCarey director). This scene was immortalized in the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romanic comedy Sleepless in Seattle.


Yul Brynner, the king and I, classic movie actor, walter langDeborah Kerr Dancing with Yul Brynner in one of the most famous routines in musical history: Shall We Dance from The King and I (1956, Walter Lang director)


Burt lancaster, from here to eternity, classic movie actor, fred zimmermanAnd of course, Deborah Kerr with Burt Lancaster in her most famous scene in From Here to Eternity (1953, Fred Zimmeman director)


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