Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Greer Garson


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Greer Garson, Born on September 29, 1904!

Nominated for seven Academy Awards and winner of one, Greer Garson was an immensely popular Hollywood star in the late thirties to late forties. However – although one of my favorite classic movie Stars – Greer Garson is not exactly what one would call a household name today. And it isn’t because she wasn’t as talented or as stimulating or as beautiful as the Monroe’s or the Hepburn’s who continue to dominate popular culture. It is because she was exactly what the people needed during that time period: World War II. Garson always exemplified class, stoicism, and courage under pressure in her films. During our era’s most bloody war, she was the star that movie goers could look up to as beacon of hope; as what they themselves could strive for during those uncertain times. To put it simply, she was the product of her era, but a product that the era needed so desperately. So today I will celebrate Garson by looking at her best roles, the roles which allowed her to act as a symbol of strength and a symbol of courage.


Greer Garson in her most defining role in Mrs. Miniver (1942, William Wyler director)


WAlter Pidgeon, Madame Curie, Classic Movie Actor, Melvyn LeRoyGreer Garson with frequent co-star Walter Pidgeon in Madame Curie (1943, Melvyn LeRoy Director)


Greer Garson in my one of my personal favs. Random Harvest (1942, Melvyn LeRoy)


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  1. Dorothy Winnett says:

    Beautiful, wonderful Actress, such chemistry with walter pigeon ♥

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