Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Ginger Rogers

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Ginger Rogers, born July 16 in 1911!

When I think of Ginger Rogers, I can’t help but think of Fred Astaire. Who doesn’t? The two are among the finest on-screen couples to ever grace the silver screen. It seems almost tragic, though, that her collaboration with Fred Astaire may be the only one that will go down in film history. Yes, her chemistry with Astaire was pure magic on celluloid, but that doesn’t mean her work with other classic Hollywood stars should be forgotten in the studio archives. So, let’s ‘re-write’ some of that history by celebrating her work with a few of her other on-screen co-stars.


Katharine Hepburn, stage door, classic movie actress, Gregory La CavaGinger Rogers with Katharine Hepburn in Stage Door. (1937, Gregory La Cava director)


Ray Milland, major and the minor, classic movie actor, billy wilderGinger Rogers with Ray Milland in The Major and The Minor (1942, Billy Wilder director)


Cary Grant, monkey business, classic movie actor, howard hawkesGinger Rogers with Cary Grant in Monkey Business. (1952, Howard Hawks director)


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