Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Barbara Stanwyck

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend Barbara Stanwyck, born July 16 in 1907!


“I knew that after fourteen I’d have to earn my own living, but I was willing to do that … I’ve always been a little sorry for pampered people, and of course, they’re ‘very’ sorry for me.”

Barbara Stanwyck was one tough broad. More than that, she was a model of the fierce, independent woman that emerged during the pre-code days of the classic Hollywood era — a model that is still prevalent in the summer blockbusters of Hollywood today. Stanwyck’s characters were often delightfully sassy, playfully confident, and pragmatically compassionate women who came from less-than-savory backgrounds – much like Stanwyck herself. Her on-screen persona knew, though her feminine wiles may at times give her an advantage, it must never become a crux. She was always equally as smart, as cunning, and as driven as all the boys. Because of this, I say we celebrate the strength of Barbara Stanwyck by highlighting a few of her strongest characters. Ladies, if you’re looking for a new role model, look no further.


John Wayne, Babyface, Classic Movie Actor, Alfred E. GreenBarbara Stanwyck using her wiles on a young John Wayne in Baby Face. (1933,  Alfred E. Green  director)


Barbara Stanwyck as the cunning con woman in The Lady Eve. (1941, Preston Sturges director)


Barbara Stanwyck as one of film noir’s most fierce and villainous femme fatales in Double Indemnity. (1943, Billy Wilder director)


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  1. Miss Edie’s Boy says:

    Great natural talent. Love her in whatever she is in.

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