Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Dorothy McGuire


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Dorothy McGuire, born June, 14, 1916!

The virtue of humility; that’s what comes to mind when I think of Dorothy McGuire. Her charm did not derive from her looks, though if you think she’s ugly I can’t help but question your taste. Her fearless and bold choice to portray, what we shall call unglamorous roles, in an era where glamour reigned supreme is something I’ve always admired so very much about her. So, let us take the time to look at some of her iconic roles to celebrate the day of her birth. Leave the glamour at the door, please and thank you!


Dorothy McGuire, Old Yeller, Classic Movie Actress, Robert Stevenson

Dorothy McGuire as Katie Coats in Old Yeller (1957, Robert Stevenson director)


Dorothy McGuire in The Enchanted Cottage, Classic Movie Actress, John CromwellDorothy McGuire as Laura Pennington in The Enchanted Cottage (1945, John Cromwell director)


Dorothy McGuire in The Gentleman's Agreement, Classic Movie Actress, Elia Kazan

Dorothy McGuire as Kathy Lacy in The Gentleman’s Agreement (1947, Elia Kazan director)


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One Response to Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Dorothy McGuire

  1. Lori Yauch says:

    Absolutely love Dorothy McGuire in anything ! I’m glad you picked Enchanted Cottage to ShowCase it is one of her best!

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