Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Clara Bow

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Clara Bow, born July 29 in 1905!

Zooey Deschanel, Emma Watson. Emma Stone. All have been described as the modern day “It” girl. But what is an “It” girl you ask? Well, an “It” girl is absolute attraction. Not simply beauty, not simply brains. An “It” girl has an undeniable, almost unexplainable innate appeal to the opposite sex and perhaps even their own. And birthday girl Clara Bow is the classic paradigm of the “It” girl. I mean, she was in a movie called “It.” I don’t know how you can be more of an “It” girl than that. So, to celebrate our favorite “It” girl’s birthday, lets look at some movies where she shows that she  “It.”


Clara Bow is simply It. (1927, directed by Clarence D. Badger)


Clara Bow is ‘It’ in Wings (1927, William A. Wellman)


Clara Bow is the ‘It’ girl in Mantrap (1926, Victor Flemming director)


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