Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to All!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our CMH readers. And to help keep the merriment alive, we offer you the gift of joy – in the form of our favorite classic film stars. Enjoy!

…..Shirley Temple and perfect dog

Shirley Temple having what appears to the most perfect Christmas ever. In no way am I at all jealous.


Mary Pickford knows what's upThat’s right, Mary Pickford knows what’s up when the Holidays come around.


Ginger Rogers with SantasGinger Rogers surrounded by the North Pole’s most eligible  bachelors.


Joan Crawford as an elfJoan Crawford dressed as what appears to be a slightly morose christmas elf.


Ester Williams and reighndeerEsther Williams in her warmest of winter attire, chilling with a reindeer.


Audrey Hepburn decorating the tree

Audrey Hepburn decorating the tree.


boris karloff and ginger rodgers decorating tree

Ginger Rogers looking appropriately terrified as she decorates the tree with The Monster himself, Boris Karloff.


gracie allen with child by tree

Gracie Allen and Baby did well with their secret santa gifts.


Janet Leigh under the tree

“Dear diary: it’s been eight days and the presents have finally accepted me as one of their own. Success.” – Janet Leigh


Ava Gardener and dog with wreathAva Gardner and her dog.


Elizabeth Taylor and kitten in wreath

Elizabeth Taylor and kitten in a giant Christmas wreath. What more could you possibly want from the Holidays?


Danny Kaye and Nat King Cole

Danny Kaye and Nat King Cole as Santas.


Frank and Nancy Sinatra tree

Frank and Nancy Sinatra posing for the Awkward Christmas Photo.


A Very Merry Holiday Season to all!

–Minoo Allen for Classic Movie Hub

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4 Responses to Cheers and a Very Merry Christmas to All!

  1. John Grant says:

    Great collection of pix except, as you say, the awkward one!

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Dorothy Winnett says:

    Incredible Christmas photos ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

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