The Marx Brothers – Family Rules!

A Visit to Harpo’s Place: The Marx Brothers Family Rules and More

As many of you may already know, I am a huge fan of The Marx Brothers. I’ve enjoyed their movies ever since I was a little kid, thanks to my father, who introduced me to their movies. As I watched these films with my dad, he would explain to me about their quick wit (listen to every word), and their wonderful musicianship (look at Harpo play that harp). To this day, I laugh out loud whenever I watch their films, and marvel when I watch them joyously playing their instruments.

So today, in honor of Harpo Marx’s birthday (born over 130 years ago today, on Nov. 23, in 1888), I’d like to share the Marx Brothers Family Rules, which are posted on Harpo’s Place, the Official Arthur Harpo Marx Family Online Collection, curated by Harpo’s son Bill Marx.

Harpo Marx Family Rules (from Harpo’s Place website)

Please do yourself a favor and check out the Harpo’s Place website. It’s a treasure trove of personal, heartfelt information and anecdotes penned by Bill Marx, with lots of wonderful and rare photos that will make you feel as if you’re part of the family. You can even see Harpo’s prop box and pictures of his hat, coat, wig and more (wow!).

There are too many pictures to count on the website, but I am posting three of my favorites here… Enjoy!

Harpo practicing the harp at home, circa 1960 (from Harpo’s Place website)
Harpo later in life (from Harpo’s Place website)
Although there are so many wonderful family photos on the site, I picked this one to post here… For those of you who may not know, Harpo was also a talented artist. This is one of Harpo’s oil paintings (“Alp’s” oil on canvas, 1964) (from Harpo’s Place website)

Hope you enjoyed this quick visit to Harpo’s Place!


— Annmarie Gatti from Classic Movie Hub

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4 Responses to The Marx Brothers – Family Rules!

  1. Sara Stewart says:

    I did not know he was an artist, he was talented in so many ways. I love the family rules, they seem like a good guideline for many families.

  2. Destiny L Drake says:

    These rules seem fun, fair, and nice

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  4. Laurie says:

    Oh my goodness, another site to bookmark! I love the Marx brothers , and like you learned to love them from watching them with my dad.
    I found out about Harpo’s book from another blog here and my library actually has it! I saw another of his books on EBay about their days growing up in NY that I’ll probably end up buying. 2020 will be my year to learn more about the great Harpo Marx!

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