Robot Monster: Movie Monster Legend 3D Graphic Novel

Returning Robot Monster
to its Comics-Inspired Roots

I’m very happy to share that there is a Kickstarter Campaign to help return sci-fi cult classic, Robot Monster, to its comics-inspired roots, spearheaded by film historian Bob Furmanek of the 3D Film Archive. The campaign is ending in about a week, so please check it out (info below), and if you can’t donate, please help us spread the word. Thanks so much!

Inspired by the classic 3-D film, ROBOT MONSTER, the exciting 64-page hardcover project, ROBOT MONSTER COMICS IN 3-D returns the film’s iconic characters to their comic book roots. Filled with “what if” tales that imagine what may have happened both before and after the events in the film, it’s  filled with stories and art from luminaries from the worlds of comics, film, and pop culture… and of course, it’s printed in 3-D! Find out more at Robot Monster Kickstarter.

As a side note here, of all the film restorations done by the 3-D Film Archive since 2014, Robot Monster was the most successful — so I’ll end with a quote from Bob Furmanek taken from the Intro Video on Kickstarter: ‘There’s a lot of love for Ro-Man”. 🙂

–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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