TCM Classic Film Festival 2015 Day Three Facebook/Blog Contest

Celebrating the TCM Classic Film Festival!

Day Three… you know what to do! But if you don’t, See this blog post for all the details – including the list of fabulous TCM prizes! One more day to go!

Today’s contest question for our Facebook and Blog entrants is…

NAME THE FILM (in the comment section below):

Name the film


Enter your answer in the COMMENT SECTION BELOW. One winner will be selected at random and announced here and on Facebook tomorrow.

Sorry, US only.

Good Luck!


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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16 Responses to TCM Classic Film Festival 2015 Day Three Facebook/Blog Contest

  1. Deana Kneen says:

    The Apartment

  2. beachgal says:

    The Apartment

  3. Kerry says:

    The movie is THE APARTMENT.

  4. Susan Bowman says:

    The movie is The Apartment…

  5. Carl says:

    What a coincidence. I was watching an episode of Mad Men last night and they were talking about this movie. It’s The Apartment.

  6. Delfina Salsberry says:

    The Apartment

  7. Vickie Gleason says:

    The Apartment

  8. Adriana says:

    The Apartment

  9. Amy condit says:

    The Apartment

  10. Liz says:

    The Apartment!

  11. Keisha says:

    The Apartment (1960)

  12. Ashley Hinz says:

    The Apartment.

  13. Sara says:

    “The Apartment”

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