“Stella: Mother of Modern Acting” Enter-to-Win Trivia Question (Saturday May 17)

It’s time for today’s Trivia Question (red font below) that will determine this week’s winner of the new Stella Adler Biography — Stella! Mother Of Modern Acting, by Sheana Ochoa, courtesy of Applause Books. (remember, in order to win, you must have already pre-qualified via the Qualifying Entry Task)


Stella Adler was an actress, director, film producer, teacher — a theatrical giant. She mentored successive generations of superstars including Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Warren Beatty — and of course Marlon Brando.  Name the actor (pictured below) who had this to say about Stella Adler: “Stella imparts a most valuable kind of information — how to discover the nature of our own emotional mechanics and therefore those of others”  

Karl Malden, On the Waterfront

This actor (???) played Father Barry in On the Waterfront (1954, director Elia Kazan)


The FIRST person (who already completed this week’s Qualifying Entry Task) to correctly TWEET the answer to the above question — wins!

If you need help with the answer, please click this link.

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Contest Information and Rules.

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Good Luck!

–Annmarie Gatti from Classic Movie Hub


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