Picturing Peter Bogdanovich – Book Giveaway (October)

“Picturing Peter Bogdanovich: My Conversations with the New Hollywood Director”
We have FOUR Books to Give Away this month!

“Peter Tonguette’s interviews with Bogdanovich are fascinating. His passion for writing shines bright in this book on the great filmmaker. It’s a terrific read.”―Jeff Bridges

It’s time for our next book giveaway contest! CMH will be giving away FOUR COPIES of Picturing Peter Bogdanovich: My Conversations with the New Hollywood Director, courtesy of University Press of Kentucky, from now through Oct 31.

In order to qualify to win one of these prizes via this contest giveaway, you must complete the below entry task by Saturday, Oct 31 at 6PM EST. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have of winning, because we will pick a winner on four different days within the contest period, via random drawings, as listed below. So if you don’t win the first week that you enter, you will still be eligible to win during the following weeks until the contest is over.

  • Oct 10: One Winner
  • Oct 17: One Winner
  • Oct 24: One Winner
  • Oct 31: One Winner

We will announce each week’s winner on Twitter @ClassicMovieHub, the day after each winner is picked around 9PM EST — for example, we will announce our first week’s winner on Sunday Oct 11 around 9PM EST on Twitter. And, please note that you don’t have to have a Twitter account to enter; just see below for the details.


And now on to the contest!

ENTRY TASK (2-parts) to be completed by Saturday, Oct 31, 2020 at 6PM EST — BUT remember, the sooner you enter, the more chances you have to win…

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post

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What is one of your favorite Peter Bogdanovich movies and why? And if you’re not too familiar with his work, why do you want to win this book?

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About the Book: In 1971, Newsweek heralded The Last Picture Show as “the most impressive work by a young American director since Citizen Kane.” Indeed, few filmmakers rivaled Peter Bogdanovich’s popularity over the next decade. Riding the success of What’s Up, Doc? (1972) and Paper Moon (1973), Bogdanovich became a bona fide celebrity, making regular appearances in his own movie trailers, occasionally hosting late-night television shows, and publicly advocating for mentors John Ford and Howard Hawks. No director of his era surpassed his ability to capture an audience’s imagination. In Picturing Peter BogdanovichMy Conversations with the New Hollywood Director, journalist and critic Peter Tonguette offers a film-by-film journey through the director’s life and work. Beginning with a string of 1970s classics, Tonguette explores well-known films such as Saint Jack (1979), They All Laughed (1981), and Noises Off (1992), as well as the director’s work on stage and television. Drawing on interviews conducted over sixteen years, Tonguette pairs his analysis with an extensive, previously unpublished series of Q&As with Bogdanovich. These exclusive interviews reveal behind-the-scenes details about the director’s life, work, and future plans. Part memoir, part biography, this book offers a uniquely intimate portrait of one of Hollywood’s most underappreciated directors.

Click here for the full contest rules. 

Please note that only Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) entrants are eligible.

And — BlogHub members ARE eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above).

Good Luck!

And if you can’t wait to win the book, you can purchase the on amazon by clicking here:


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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16 Responses to Picturing Peter Bogdanovich – Book Giveaway (October)

  1. One of my movies of his are- what’s up, doc?, because it’s so very funny and very romantic at the same time

  2. Bob Stein says:

    Bogdanovich’s “The Last Picture Show” is a masterpiece of film work. He took an isolated part of America and made it come alive. Small town American life never felt so universal.

  3. Carl says:

    Although The Last Picture Show is probably his most well-known film I remember really enjoying the chemistry between the cast members of Paper Moon when I saw it so many years ago. I also really enjoyed his acting turn on The Sopranos, a very nuanced performance.

  4. Matthew Elfenbein says:

    One of my favorite Peter Bogdanovich films is Noises Off (1992) because his dexterity of the narrative helped make the zany film, based on the play, into a coherent and lively experience. His work with the actors, as seen throughout his career, helps bring the most humanity out of any given situation, thus making his films more in line with character studies. He is truly a master of the New Hollywood era (I am teaching a class on it at the moment) and brought a fresh perspective to the ways that cinema should represent people and emotions through location and camaraderie.

  5. Billy Slobin says:

    I love so much of his work but the standout to me has always been The Last Picture Show.
    It is such a beautiful and moving depiction of the era and so powerful to me in the way the characters are portrayed. I have always found him to be a super interesting person. In addition his relationship with star crossed starlet Dorothy Stratten has always pulled at my heartstrings.

  6. Jonathan Herron says:

    It is definitely What’s Up Doc?! That is a classic comedy from the beginning of the movie all the way to the end. I miss seeing it shown every year on ABC, in the late 70s and early 80s. I fell in love with Barbara Streisand, and wished I was Ryan O’Neal! Only Peter Bogdanovich could make something that classic in modern cinema.

  7. M.T. Fisher says:

    WHAT’S UP, DOC? as it is one of the last great screwball comedies. I know Bogdanovich intended it as a homage to Hawks’ BRINGING UP, BABY, and he certainly succeeded.

  8. Bruce Baldwin says:

    I saw the “Last Picture Show” just before I left home for school. It transformed my perception what growing up in a small town meant to me. Still love the movie!

  9. Jack Cibrian says:

    I love Paper Moon. It still looks fresh, the chemistry between the leads is wonderful, Madeline Kahn! Fun movie.

  10. Laura A. says:

    I’ve only seen two of his films so far. I loved Paper Moon and really enjoyed listening to his podcast with TCM!

  11. Vickie Gleason says:

    I liked the movie Mask. I love the cast and excellent storyline. I would love to win this book to learn more about his work and his life.

  12. Scott H Whiddon says:

    The Last Picture Show

    It was also one of my father’s favorite films.

    I’m from a very small place, and it resonated with me as a young viewer.

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  13. Johnny Zito says:

    This is a difficult choice, had a tough time narrowing it down but I have chosen “They All Laughed”. I love the mix of Rom-Com and Detective story. The acting is top notch, Ben Gazzara and Audrey Hepburn are fantastic together as well as John Ritter and Dorothy Stratten. Dorothy Stratten really shines. This would be her final role and that is a tragedy and a shame. This film was personal for Mr. Bogdanovich, starting off as a love letter to his hometown, NY and in the end a love letter to Ms Stratten too. She was killed as he was editing this film and he has said how difficult it was for him to watch and edit. The love shines through this film. I really feel it too. Amazing film!

  14. normadesmond says:

    Though tough to choose, Paper Moon is my winner. The crackling tension between Addie & Moses up against that bleak canvas of midwest nothingness coupled with the Depression is worthy of weekly watching! Filming it in black & white was brilliant. We’re conditioned to B&W being back then, the old days, memory and it made the film that much richer. Tatum deservedly received her Oscar, it was a great performance and Madeline Kahn, a gift we probably never deserved was perfect.

  15. Mark PAGAN says:

    Familiar with many of his film titles, but haven’t seen many in full (just clips). Prime exception: Mask, a fav, but I was unaware (or never remembered) that it was his. Much more aware of his writing about film, but I’ve never read any of his books. Oh, and the Stratton saga: sad in many ways, but not something I’ve fully explored. It would be illuminating to learn more about the man.

  16. Stuart R Cook says:

    Peter Bogdanovich’s NICKOLODEON and PAPER MOON! Top productions which warm the heart.

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