Happy Halloween! Young Frankenstein DVD Giveaway (October)

Announcing our Happy Halloween “Young Frankenstein” DVD Giveaway!

We decided to do something a little special this year for Halloween — so this will be the first of two Halloween-themed DVD giveaways we’ll be doing this month. That said, we will be paying tribute to the late great Gene Wilder and the comic genius of Mel Brooks, by giving away FIVE COPIES of Young Frankenstein (or shall I say Fronkensteen???) from Monday, September 26 through Saturday, October 29.

In order to qualify to win one of the DVDs via this contest giveaway, you must complete the following task by Saturday, October 29 at 8PM EST. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have of winning, because we will pick a winner on five different days within the contest period, via random drawings, as listed below… So if you don’t win the first week that you enter, you will still be eligible to win during the following weeks until the contest is over.

  • Saturday, October 1: One Winner
  • Saturday, October 8: One Winner
  • Saturday, October 15: One Winner
  • Saturday, October 22: One Winner
  • Saturday, October 29: One Winner

We will announce the winner(s) on Twitter @ClassicMovieHub or this Blog (depending how you entered), the day after each winner is picked at 8PM EST (for example, we will announce the first winner on Sunday October 2 at 8PM EST on Twitter or this Blog).

Young Frankenstein DVD cover


ENTRY TASK (2-parts see below) to be completed by Saturday, October 29 at 8PM EST — BUT remember, the sooner you enter, the more chances you have to win…

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post

2) Then TWEET* (not DM) the following message:
Just entered to win The Happy Halloween Young Frankenstein #DVDGiveaway courtesy of @ClassicMovieHub #MelBrooks

What do you love about the film Young Frankenstein and why? And, if you haven’t seen it, why do you want to win the DVD?

*If you do not have a Twitter account, you can enter the contest by simply answering the above question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog — BUT PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU ADD THIS VERBIAGE TO YOUR ANSWER: I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

NOTE: if for any reason you encounter a problem commenting here on this blog, please feel free to tweet or DM us, or send an email to classicmoviehub@gmail.com and we will be happy to create the entry for you.


Please note that only Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) and Canadian entrants are eligible.

And — BlogHub members ARE eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States or in Canada (as noted above).

See complete contest rules here.

And if you can’t wait to win the DVD, you can purchase them on amazon via the below links (click on image):

Good Luck!


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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53 Responses to Happy Halloween! Young Frankenstein DVD Giveaway (October)

  1. Shelia says:

    Now we’re talking! My favorite film of, you said it, the late great Gene Wilder! Can’t imagine anyone over 30 not having seen it. It has so many Freudian slips, tasteful innuendos, quotable quotes, and Gene is just adorable. He and Mel Brooks were a winning team when they created this one. They must have had such fun. It comes right through the screen.
    I don’t have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  2. Mark Pagan says:

    Love how Young Frankenstein hews to the stylistic cues of the film period while the script yaws off into such the comedic take!

  3. Adriana says:

    Ah! Probably my favorite Mel Brooks movie! The cast is superb, the script is just so sharp and witty while paying careful detail to the original movie it’s spoofing. Gene and Mel were really nailed it with this one (sorry Producers and Blazing Saddles). “Sedagive?!!!”

  4. John Saquella says:

    Young Frankenstein is perfectly cast, amazingly acted and sublimely paced. It accomplishes the daunting task of looking serious and being absolutely absurd in equal measures. Many spoofs, even latter day Brooks spoofs lack the sheer brilliance of Young Frankenstein.

  5. Matt Whitehurst says:

    Young Frankenstein is my Favorite Mel Brooks movie. It’s has a fantastic cast. Its quotable, its silly, and its entertaining everytime I watch it. The cast is fantastic, the music is superb. It sti

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi Mike, I don’t see your tweet. Could you please confirm that you tweeted, or let us know that you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks!

  6. Richard Valle says:

    Young Frankenstein is one of the funniest movies ever! I remember seeing it in during its first release and laughing for days afterwards. I just saw the ’31 Frankenstein movie and laughed at scenes remembering the Young Frankenstein comedic points! A true classic!

  7. Alexandry Chery says:

    I want the “Young Frankenstein” DVD because if its reputation of how entertaining the film is and I love funny monster classics. I never really seen much of the film but I really want to own a copy of “Young Frankenstein”, so I can finally see how amazing this film is.

  8. James Rowan says:

    With ALL of Mel Brooks’ films, his brilliant sense of adhering to, as well as diverting away from genre conventions are astounding. Brooks’ films cannot usually be fully appreciated upon initial viewing simply because of his wealth of referential knowledge of popular culture is so immense, it is almost impossible to catch every nuance.

    That type of appreciation only presents itself to the viewer through repeated viewings and as the viewer him or herself become that much more acquainted with Brooks’ multiple layers of comic references throughout the plots of his films.

    In “Young Frankenstein”, I absolutely love how Gene Wilder can effortlessly balance his dialog performance somewhere between that of Classical Theater to that of an almost infantile, modern language seriously lacking in vocabulary. (ie. “My Grandfather’s work was…Doo Doo!”

  9. Krysta aka Petrafan777 says:

    Its been years since ive seen Young Frankenstein so I dont remember why i loved it. But i do remember it was hilarious. How can it not be with Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks. Two of the greats. I dont have a good reason for wanting to win this dvd. I would just like to own it so i can see it again and share it with my neices and nephews. Kids need to know the classics arent ” lame black and white movies”. Young Frankenstein would be a great movie to prove them wrong. 🙂

  10. Stephanie Grant says:

    I want to win because its one of my must watch Halloween movies and its really hard to find here.

  11. Joan O'Malley says:

    One of my favorite movies of all time. Perfect collaboration between Wilder and Brooks, perfect casting. I laugh just as hard watching it now as when it first came out. The jokes and punch lines are hysterical and my entire family quotes lines all the time!

  12. George Matthews says:

    Young Frankenstein is quite possibly the best of Mel Brookes’ films. Each member of the cast is at the peak of their careers and they all “get” the movie perfectly. The writing is tight and hilarious, it’s as funny today as it ever was. It’s also got my favourite Marty Feldman performance.

  13. Lori Eber says:

    I love all the actors! They are perfectly cast in each role! Gene Wilder is awesome. I also love the spoofs on the original Frankenstein movie! I grew up watching all the old horror movies! My daughter, who’s 25 now, watched with me when she was quite young and we’ve been quoting the movie to each other since then! I’ll watch it anytime it’s on but it’s especially good this month.

  14. Laura Bowe says:

    Marty Feldman is fabulous as Igor, and of course, Gene Wilder is terrific too. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it in awhile and it is just so funny and I remember watching it with my dad when I was younger.

  15. Sara Stewart says:

    It is the BEST movie out there! I loved everything about it, starting from Gene stabbing himself in the leg and trying not to scream, to “roll in the hay”, to Gene Hackman as the blind man, and Marty Feldman was the BEST

  16. Micky Pizarro says:

    Lol….great parody of a classic movie that in and of itself has gone on to become a classic movie itself.
    Love that it was done in black and white as a homage to its predecessor, at a time during the 70’s when shooting movies in black and white wasn’t being done.
    Love the word play and the risqué factor that made people do a double take as in “no…they didn’t just say that” or “did he just say”. Sheer brilliance. They couldn’t have picked a better cast. I don’t think Hollywood could possibly have done this movie today and be as successful as this cult classic gas been. I hope never to see a reboot or remake. It’s perfect just as it is!

  17. bernie wallace says:

    I love Young Frankenstein because of the Putting on the Ritz scene. I think that scene is hilarious. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win this so I can show it to my wife. Its amazing to think Mel Brooks made this and Blazing Saddles back to back.

  18. paul muczynski says:

    I love how Brooks captured the look of the classic Universal Horror movies perfectly, it makes you expect a straight horror movie. That makes the comedy hit even harder. I was re-watching it earlier tonight, and it’s amazing how great it looks. Great cast too.

  19. CoolCatWon says:

    All Mel Brookes movies are hilarious. Gene wilder and the other actors were awesome. One of my favourites215

  20. Michael Reed says:

    Young Frankenstein came out my senior year in high school, and for the rest of the year, my friends and I would annoy everybody by reciting many of our favorite lines. Since then, I have become a classic film fan, and have seen all of the Frankenstein films, Universal and Hammer. I think that most of the gags in Young Frankenstein actually come from the third film, Son of Frankenstein. Great fun!

  21. David Hollingsworth says:

    Young Frankenstein is a masterpiece of great comic timing. It brilliantly parodied the great Universal monster films of the 1930s, but it didn’t disrespect them. One of the reasons why it continues to be a classic is that it was subtle, something that today’s spoofs basically lack. You can see it over a hundred times and still discover moments and jokes that you may have missed the first or last time you watched it.

  22. Greg Bryant says:

    The endlessly quotable dialogue. Teri Garr’s fractured German accent. The late great Gene Wilder’s perfect performance freaking out as Franken…er, I mean Fronkenstein. Madeline Kahn as the perfect ice queen. And….well, dare I say it???


    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  23. jeane says:

    oh i LOVE this film…well,i love ALL of Mel’s films….he has been my inspiration since HS but i haven’t been able to collect any dvds..this would be the beginning of a beautiful collection:)

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Hi, I haven’t seen your tweet yet. Please remember to tweet the message, or let me know here if you don’t have a twitter account. Thanks!

  24. Amy Vlahovic says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

    I would love to win the DVD Young Frankenstein for my son, I know he will fall in love with this movie. He is a huge fan of Frankenstein plus loves Gene Wilder. I love the scene of ” Puttin on the Ritz”, hysterical. Then again every part is funny & great……

  25. Gina says:

    What’s not to love? 🙂 But if I had to focus on just one aspect that I love, I would say the actors. The cast is brilliant across the board. Wilder’s descent (ascent?) into goofy mania, Feldman’s adorable I-gor, Garr’s sweet ditziness, Leachman’s inspired “He vas my BOYFRIEND!,” Boyle’s perfect deadpan, and then the ever-sublime Madeline Kahn, one of my all-time favorites. They throw themselves into it and deliver their lines with a sincerity that makes the movie a comic masterpiece.

  26. DethRay says:

    C’mon, Fraud Blucher…Pwaaaaawnt on awww rizzzzz!

  27. Evering Ruiz says:

    I’ve always loved Gene Wilder in all of his movies! Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is a classic, but no more classic than “Young Frankenstein”! I’ve recently watched this movie on TV and I never laughed so much towards any of his movies before I’ve seen this one! It would be really awesome to win this DVD and to know that it would be in the hands of someone who loves, cherishes, and misses Gene Wilder. ❤️

  28. @ChaseTriton It was the birth of parody movies that gave wings for Airplane & Naked Gun movies.

  29. Randy Jestice says:

    Any film with Mel Brookes and Gene Wilder is on my tops list from the start. Gene played a perfect comical variant of Dr F and Mels directing and supporting cast made this a cult classic!!

  30. Jason Osborne says:

    Truly a classic! Gene’s passing bring an end to a truly wonderful performers life. I watch his movies now with an admiration of someone who was entranced by his as a youth.

    My favorite line from the movie is the reoccurring way he corrects the pronunciation of his name! “Fronkensteen”

    I would adore copy of this treasure.

  31. Laura A. says:

    Just watched this for the first time a couple days ago. I love the ridiculous word play. And Cloris Leachman 🙂

  32. I love old movies and would love to win this! I’m hoping to win it and share it with my senior citizens at our center!

  33. Young Frankenstein Is my all time favorite Movie- It quickly became a classic – because it was brilliantly written and produced. The actors, the best in the industry.
    It is a staple go to watch movie in my house– EVERYONE LOVES This movie.

  34. Victor Diaz says:

    I haven’t seen Young Frankenstein but I am getting in Classic Movies and would love to see this Classic and add it to my collection.

  35. Judy says:

    I have loved this movie for decades! There are too many fun and funnier tidbits to go into, therefore i will say my favorite part is …..from beginning to the end!
    I also do not have a twitter account, so i guess i may not be in the running to win.

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      You are absolutely in the running to win! All you had to do was say that you didn’t have a twitter account (which you did)… That said, thanks for entering and Good Luck!

  36. Vera says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

    I think this is one of the best recent black & white films and Mr. Wilder is absolutely hilarious as well as his movie associates, Cloris Leachman, Terry Garr and the gentleman that plays Igor & Frankenstein.
    Thank you.

  37. Jean F says:

    I love the way Young Frankenstein spoofs the original film. And Gene Wilder.

  38. Yolanda Brown says:

    I’ve loved Young Frankenstein since I was a kid. My favorite part is when Marty Feldman tries to put the moves on Madeline Kahn. When Gene Wilder passed away, I pulled out my copy and watched it, just in tears. Such a talent lost.

  39. Brittany says:

    “From Scariest to Funniest”
    My favorite aspect of, “Young Frankenstein” is how I grew up to admire the actors and depths of humor in this incredible “Mel Brooks” classic. Beyond the film itself my love for “Young Frankenstein” partly stems from the journey I’ve had growing up with this movie. From age 4- 10 I only knew 1, two-second scene from “Young Frankenstein,” and thought it was one of the scariest, horror films ever.

    As young girl I had the opportunity to go to Disney World a couple times. Loving films, except horror, since a I was young, “The Great Movie Ride” at Disney’s Hollywood Studious was my favorite attraction. The end of the ride featured a 3 minute segment filled with clips of all movies. In an age before youtube, this montage, featured in a huge room on several screens, was stunning. Well… except for the middle which featured a couple “horror films” clips with split screen shot of Ann Darrow in “King Kong” and Dr. Frankenstein in “Young Frankenstein” screaming their heads off. Just watch the clip posted and look at 1:19 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cd6NwtAd2s. It’s a bit creepy, right? All I saw was Gene Wilder screaming, eyes popped out, hair frizzed up for 1 second…and I knew at 4, whatever film that crazy man is in must be the scariest horror film of all time. (For reference it was when he was bringing Frankenstein to life, and there was a zoomed in shot on Gene Wilder) However, around 10 yrs old I remember coming into the living room and seeing my father watch the “crazy man” from Disney World on television. My father saw me tearing up. He called me over, explaining “No no Brittany, this is a funny movie, made by the same man who made Space Balls that you love so much, just watch.” Soon I was in a different set of tears, those of laughter from this hilarious movie. Growing up with Mel Brooks films, became magical. Like most movie fans, the older one gets the more brilliant jokes are revealed in his films. As years went on I also loved connecting Young Frankenstein’s actors like Terri Garr, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman and more to other films and television. This cast was legendary, and what they and Mel Brooks accomplished with humor throughout the film was epic. Mel Brooks films, specifically “Young Frankenstein,” is a great teaching tool on comedy. I have cherished growing up with this great movie, and find it all the more hilarious that I was once so frightened by Gene Wilder…the dim witted, Dr. Frankenstein. Hope to watch “Young Frankenstein” again soon (…maybe on an excellent DVD) to discover more jokes and comedic elements in one of the funniest films ever made.

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      What a wonderful comment. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it! Thanks for entering and Good Luck 🙂

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