Behind the Door (1919) DVD/Blu-Ray Giveaway Contest (via Facebook/Blog in April)

Behind the Door DVD/Blu-Ray Giveaway!
Qualifying Entry Task for Facebook/Blog

Yay! The Contest is over and the winner is:
David A.

Okay, now it’s time for the Facebook/Blog version of our Behind the Door DVD/Blu-Ray giveaway contest, courtesy of Flicker Alley, in which we’ll be giving away one copy of this silent classic. And, don’t forget, we’re also giving away FIVE MORE copies via Twitter this month as well, so please feel free to enter that contest too…

In order to qualify to win this collection via this Facebook/Blog contest giveaway, you must complete the below entry task by Saturday, April 25 at 8PM ESTWe will pick one winner via a random drawing and announce the winner on Facebook and on this Blog the day after the contest ends (Sunday April 26).

If you’re also on Twitter, please feel free to visit us at  @ClassicMovieHub for additional giveaways — because we’ll be giving away FIVE MORE sets there as well! (Click here for twitter contest details as well as more information about the collection.)

Behind the Door DVD starring Wallace Beery


ENTRY TASK to be completed by Saturday, April 25 at 8PM EST…

Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post

What is it about Silent Movies that intrigue you? Or, if you’ve never seen a silent movie, why do you want to win this particular one?

NOTE: if for any reason you encounter a problem commenting here on this blog, please feel free to tweet or DM us, or send an email to and we will be happy to create the entry for you.


This newly restored edition represents the most complete version of the film available since 1919, thanks to the collaboration of the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, the Library of Congress, and Gosfilmofond of Russia. This film is indeed a rarity, so if you want to learn more about it before you enter, here is a sneak peak:


Please allow us at least 24 hours to approve (and post) your comment, as we have an unprecedented amount of spam to sift through…

Behind-the-Door Hobart Bosworth and Jane Novak 3


About the Release:  Hobart Bosworth stars as Oscar Krug, a working-class American, who is persecuted for his German ancestry after war is declared. Driven by patriotism, Krug enlists and goes to sea. However, tragedy strikes when his wife (Jane Novak) sneaks aboard his ship and is captured following a German U-boat attack. Krug’s single-minded quest for vengeance against the sadistic German submarine commander (played with villainous fervor by Wallace Beery) leads to the film’s shocking and brutal climax. Bonus Materials Include: the re-edited and re-titled version of the film that was distributed in Russia, outtakes featuring music composed and performed by Stephen Horne, a behind-the-scenes look at the restoration, a featurette spotlighting director Irvin Willat by film historian Kevin Brownlow, an image gallery, and souvenir booklet.


Click here for the full contest rules. 

Please note that only Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) entrants are eligible.

And — BlogHub members ARE eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above).

Good Luck!

And if you can’t wait to win the DVD/Blu-Ray, you can purchase it on amazon via the below link (click on image):

Good Luck!


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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6 Responses to Behind the Door (1919) DVD/Blu-Ray Giveaway Contest (via Facebook/Blog in April)

  1. Shelia says:

    I have a hearing loss so it really feels like I’m not missing anything when I see a silent film. I’m in the same boat as everybody else. I like subtitles too whether on foreign films or just regular ones otherwise it’s kind of like I’m ALWAYS viewing a silent film. This film seems more unusual than most for that era. More intense, serious, more at stake.
    I do not have a Twitter or FB account so am posting here.

  2. David Hollingsworth says:

    What I do love about Silent films is that they relied more on expressions and body movements more than dialogue. I know that they came before sound films, but you have to admire how they were able to entertain audiences without the use of sound.

  3. David Aibi says:

    I love to see how the emotion and actions are generated without voice. It really shows how talented the men and women were. The eyes were so key to much of it. I have Martin Scorsese and Hugo to thank for rekindling my love of silent films. After viewing, I purchased the George Melies First Wizard collection and I was off. I have not seen this film, and would love the opportunity! Thanks!

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      Oh wow. The Melies set must be awesome! Some of my favorite films of all time are Silent… an art unto itself IMHO… Thanks so much for entering and Good Luck 🙂

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