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Why hello there! Welcome to the first blog post for ClassicMovieHub. I’ll be your co-host on this fine journey, and as your co-host, let me introduce myself. I’m Josh Kaye, a Cinema Studies major at SUNY Purchase. I won’t say that I’m anything close to an expert on Classic Cinema, as I will be learning more about the Classics as I go on, but watching and learning more about them has always been something I’ve wanted to do. This blog will focus on some of the greatest movies of all time, ranging from the silent classics of Chaplin to the haunting films of Hitchcock, and everything else in between.

For my first series on this blog, to commemorate the Academy Awards, which are on February 26th, I have watched every Best Picture winner between the years of 1927 – 1969. While watching all of these movies, I created a list of what I feel are the best films to win the Oscar based on the film itself, how the film has stuck with me since I first watched it, and every other cinematic aspect such as the acting, the directing, the music, and the cinematography. Beginning Thursday February 2nd, I shall list the films two at time until I reach the Top 10. From there, each film will be listed individually, and on February 27th, the #1 movie will be posted, as will a comparison between the Best Picture of 2011 and the Best Picture of All Time, at least to me.

There may be plenty of surprises as to where I put some films, and I expect not everyone will agree, but that’s the glory of movies…we each gather our own opinion and each feel so differently about one movie compared to the other. All I can hope for is that you spend your precious time to visiting here and reading, as well as giving a piece of your mind.

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