Turner Classic Movies: Summer Under the Stars


TCM: Summer Under The Stars

August should be a time of outdoor fun. With only one month left of summer, trips to the beach, the park, or the country should be as frequent and as they are carefree. Then why, Turner Classic Movies, do you make it so hard for me to want to leave my house during this final summer month?  You see, every year since 2003, TCM hosts its August “Summer Under the Stars” programming festival. This means that each day during the entire month of August, TCM dedicates a full 24 hours of continuous programming to one classic Hollywood star. Yup, that is an entire day and night of nothing but the films of your favorite actor/actress. You see why getting outside in August can be so hard, sometimes?

I remember in high school I used to give myself the “24-hour Star Challenge,” which basically was me challenging myself to watch one full day of programming. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the sake of my social development), I only finished the challenge once.  With no one else in the house to fight for remote control dominance, I sat down from 6AM to 6AM-the-next-day and my television became a vessel dedicated to all things Audrey Hepburn.  Of course, since then college, jobs, relationships and finances have kept me from attempting the 24-hour challenge again. However, if you happen to have a free day and enjoy drinking coffee from sun-up to sun-down, here are a couple of stars you might want to consider spending some quality time with as you enjoy TCM’s Summer Under the Stars.


Paul MuniWatch Paul Muni on TCM’s Summer Under the Star on August 6th, 2014.


William Powell 3Watch William Powell on TCM’s Summer Under the Star on August 9th, 2014.


themla ritterWatch Thelma Ritter on TCM’s Summer Under the Star on August 20th, 2014.


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  1. If those are orders, I’m more than happy to comply.

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