Super Duper Singing Star – Ann Margrock!

I Ain’t Gonna Be Your Fool No More! Classic Movie Cartoon Tribute!

In September of 1963, the marvelous Ann-Margret made her TV Debut, ‘appearing’ in The Flintstones as Stone Age Singing Superstar, Ann-Margrock, in an episode called “Ann-Margrock Presents” (Season 4, Episode 1, Sept 19, 1963).  Love that ‘bird’ bass line and the bridge! And, yes, Ann-Margret did do the voice-over and singing.  Very cool Prehistoric Backup Band! It rocks LOL!

Ann-Margret as Ann Margrock in The Flintstones "Ann-Margrock Presents)Ann-Margrock (Ann-Margret) singing:
I ain’t a gonna be your fool no more
I cried and cried until my eyes are sore
I gave you all the love I had, still you try to treat me bad
I love you but I ain’t a gonna be your fool…


The Flintstones "Ann-Margrock Presents" at the Bedrock Bowl

Ann-Margrock’s super cool back-up band at the Bedrock Bowl!


Fred and Barney dancing with Ann-Margrock, Ann-Margret in The Flintstones "Ann-Margrock Presents"Ann-Margrock (Ann-Margret) singing with Fred (Alan Reed) and Barney (Mel Blanc)

“Come on fellas, I need some help.  Let’s take it from the top!”


The Flintstones “Ann-Margrock Presents” Clip from YouTube


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2 Responses to Super Duper Singing Star – Ann Margrock!

  1. Beth Daniels says:

    I just love you guys. I’m so happy you cover voice actors and cartoons along with your excellent classic film trivia and esoterica. Makes me so happy.

    • Annmarie Gatti says:

      So nice of you to say!!! Personally I love the old time voice actors as well; and writing about them (for me) is a blast 🙂

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