Mini Tribute: Character Actor Howard Morris

Born September 4, 1919, Character Actor Howard Morris!

Howard Morris appeared in over 120 film & TV roles, including Mr. Elmer Kelp in The Nutty Professor (1963), Julius in 40 Pounds of Trouble (1962) & of course — most famously — as ‘mountain man’ Ernest T Bass on The Andy Griffith Show! What a voice!

Howard Morris Ernest T Bass Andy Griffith ShowErnest T. Bass


Howard Morris was also the voice of Mr. Peebles (The Magilla Gorilla Show) & Breezly Bruin (The Peter Potamus Show) among others!

Howard Morris Mr Peebles Magilla Gorilla ShowMagilla Gorilla and Mr. Peebles (Howard Morris)

Howard Morris breezly bruin peter potamus showBreezly (Howard Morris) & Sneezy


Lastly Howard Morris directed lots of TV Shows including the pilot for Get Smart, plus the films Who’s Minding the Mint & With Six You Get Eggroll.

Get Smart starring Don Adams and Barbara FeldonDon Adams and Barbara Feldon from TV’s Get Smart (Howard Morris directed the pilot called “Mr. Big” which aired on  Sept 18, 1965)


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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4 Responses to Mini Tribute: Character Actor Howard Morris

  1. Aurora says:

    Mini but soooo deserved. Such a great talent, often overlooked it seems to me. Loved him on Sid Caesar’s classic shows in the 1950s. I mean, the DVDs I’ve seen of them. I have several collections and Morris is hilarious with the rest of the cast. Great!


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  3. Ted says:

    Howie Morris was on of the four cast members on the Sid Caesar TV “Your Show of Shows.” Very atheletic. He sometimes grabbed onto Carl Reiner’s leg and stuck there while Reiner walked around trying to stay serious. Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca were the other two cast members.

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