Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Classic Movie Hub!

Ah, Halloween. That beautiful time of a year when I eat an entire bag of Milky Way mini bars while dressed up in lobster costume, and no one will judge me for it! Anyway, we here at Classic Movie Hub just want to wish you a Happy Halloween. Hope nothing too spooky happens to ya. And if it does, these pictures might help to calm you down!


I believe this Ann Miller is doing a seance



Hitchcock at his deadpan best



I’m not sure why Ava Gardner‘s broomstick would need reigns. But I’m not a witch, so what do I know.


Joan Crawford was such a trendsetter. Here she is a creepy clown before it became the bizarre craze of 2016



This counts as Halloween themed, right?



That jack o’ lantern is clearly seeing something Myrna Loy is not.


judy_garland-halloween No, Judy, you are the one who’s supposed to be reading to the cat, not the other way around.



Peter Lorre, doing his best headless horseman impression


veronica_lake_halloweenI may be wrong, but looks like those jack o’ lanterns are about to go all “Et tu brute” on Veronica Lake.


janet_lee-halloweenJanet Leigh: Good Witch or a Bad witch? You decide.



As always, Dino looking like he wishes he was elsewhere.


–Minoo Allen for Classic Movie hub

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4 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. You really know how to celebrate Hallowe’en at the Hub!

    Momentary panic yesterday when I forgot where I stashed the stash. Love getting kids at the door, but hope there will be plenty left over.

  2. Nanci D. Lucey says:

    Alot of wonderful pictures, just right for this time of the season!! 🙂

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