Exclusive Interview with Ted Donaldson: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Once Upon a Time and more

Exclusive Interview with Ted Donaldson about his career, special memories of Cary Grant, Harry Cohn, Elia Kazan and more…

I’m so excited to say that I was able to sit down with Ted Donaldson for an exclusive video interview! I met Ted at the 2018 TCM Film Festival and had such a lovely chat with him, that I just had to ask if he would do us the honor of officially chatting with us for a YouTube interview while at the 2019 Festival. And to my delight, he graciously agreed!

Ted starred in two of my personal favorite films… opposite Cary Grant and Janet Blair in Once Upon a Time (1944) and with Dorothy McGuire, Joan Blondell, James Dunn and Peggy Ann Garner in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945). In our interview, Ted shares special memories about meeting Cary Grant for the very first time, as well as his experiences behind the scenes with Grant. He also talks about Cary Grant attending his high school graduation, and how he received a very special phone call from Grant about 30 years later. Ted shares his thoughts about Elia Kazan and the cast of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945), as well as how he got his start in radio and on Broadway before his audition for Harry Cohn that kicked off his film career.

Just want to extend a Big Thank You to Ted for spending time with us – and for all those who helped make this interview possible including Thomas Bruno, Kelly J Kitchens, Theresa Brown and Kellee Pratt…

I hope you enjoy the interview… I certainly did!


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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5 Responses to Exclusive Interview with Ted Donaldson: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Once Upon a Time and more

  1. Gloria Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for this charming interview. You’ve inspired me to watch both of these movies. I’ll start with ONCE UPON A TIME, which is currently free on Amazon Prime.

  2. Gloria Elizabeth says:

    I watched it! A delightful candy box full of scenery chewing and tear jerking. The improbables were only exceeded by the impossibles. I ate it up like candy and loved every bite.
    It leaves Amazon Prime on August 31.

  3. Sara Stewart says:

    What a great interview. I’ve seen A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and now have to find Once Upon a Time-which I confess I’ve never heard of. Thank you for always sharing your experiences!

  4. Irene Marino says:

    This is a lovely interview. N enjoyed watching 🎥🎥

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