Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Leo McCarey

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Leo McCarey, born on October 3rd, 1898!

Some directors are remembered for their style. While watching an Orson Welles film, it’s easy to pick up that Welles liked wide-angle lenses and rather long takes. Some directors are remembered for their genres. Hitchcock isn’t called the master of suspense for nothing. And other directors are remembered for their collaborations. Although perhaps not the first director/actor duo that comes to mind, Leo McCarey’s work with Cary Grant is often credited with the creation of Grant’s refined screen persona. As the story goes, while working together on The Awful Truth, Grant would incorporate many of McCarey’s own mannerisms into his performance. Imagine if Grant would have done that with Hitchcock. Having a hard time? Yeah. Me too. So, let’s celebrate McCarey by looking at his collaboration with Grant and see what created the legend.


Cary Grant in the movie that started it all, The Awful Truth (1937, Leo McCarey director)


Leo McCarey and Cary Grant go for round two in Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942, Leo McCarey director)


Leo McCarey and Cary Grant‘s final collaboration in An Affair to Remember (1957, Leo McCarey director)


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