Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Lauren Bacall

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Lauren Bacall, born on September 16, 1924!

Lauren Bacall is a survivor. And not just in a sense that she survived her late, idolized husband Humphrey Bogart.  No — her will to survive goes beyond that. What I am talking about is her will to survive in the Industry that created her: Hollywood. Although she is a product of the old Studio System of Classic Hollywood, she is not a relic of it. Her ability to evolve with the ever-changing Hollywood landscape has offered her longevity in a town that cherishes youthful beauty above all else. While other living legends born of the Classic Hollywood era have either stopped acting altogether or serve as a reminder of what once was, Bacall remains relevant in the current mode of Hollywood production by engaging with, and in, it. She has survived the death of a husband, the death of the studio system and the death of the industry paradigm that molded her, all while ‘maintaining’ within the fickle world of Hollywood super stardom. So, let us celebrate this survivor by looking at her evolution from Studio Star to modern Actor.


Lauren Bacall at the start of her career in To Have or Have Not (1942, Howard Hawks director)


Lauren Bacall evolving with the Industry in Murder on the Orient Express (1974, Sidney Lumet director)


Lauren Bacall surviving in the modern industry in Birth (2004, Jonathan Glazer director)


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One Response to Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Lauren Bacall

  1. Frances Ryl says:

    Absolutely love Lauren Bacall , her voice , style is eternal. They stars of the Golden age of film were truly stars from the heavens!

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