Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Tallulah Bankhead

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Tallulah Bankhead, born January 31, 1902!

In the world of classic Hollywood, there are those I wish I could have worked with, those I wish I could’ve befriended, and those I wish I could have partied with. Tallulah Bankhead is the one I wish I could have partied with. I’ll be honest with you, faithful readers — I’ve only seen two of her films: Life Boat and Die, Die, My Darling. Most of my Bankhead knowledge comes from what I’ve read and one thing I could never stop reading was her quotes. I mean, half the reason I want to party with this lady IS the quotes. So, to celebrate this great star of the stage and screen, let’s look at some her best quotes.


Tallulah Bankhead with John Hodiak in Lifeboat (1944, Alfred Hitchcock director)

“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”

“Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.”


Young Tallulah Bankhead.

“I have three phobias which, could I mute them,would make my life as slick as a sonnet,but dull as ditch water: I hate to go to bed, I hate to get up and I hate to be alone…”

“They used to photograph Shirley Temple through gauze. They should photograph me through linoleum.”


Ronald Colman, classic movie actorTallulah Bankhead at a party with Ronald Colman. Why can’t I be there?

“I’d rather be strongly wrong than weakly right.”

“They say it’s the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time. Me, I just wanna live a life I’m gonna remember even if I don’t write it down.”


Minoo Allen for Classic Movie Hub

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3 Responses to Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Tallulah Bankhead

  1. Dorothy Winnett says:

    Wonderful photos and article. I think she was an incredible Actress. Loved her in Life Boat, but she made another movie with Robert Montgomery (unfortunately I can’t remember the name ) very dramatic role, wonderful movie rarely shown. Die My Darling was a little strange & scary. ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

  2. Anne C La Rose says:

    Please correct the caption under the first photo. That is NOT William Bendix, it is John Hodaik.

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