Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Ramon Novarro


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Ramon Novarro, born February 6th 1899!

Ramon Novarro

I often wonder to myself if any of my classic movie favorites would translate to modern film stardom. As much as I love people like Fred Astaire, Greer Garson and Cyd Charisse, I have a hard time believing they would be half the stars in today’s Hollywood climate as they were in the Golden Age. There is one star, however, I feel would have benefited by being born 100 years later: Ramon Novarro.

Ramon Novarro looking more modern than a person born before the twentieth century should be allowed.

Yes, of all the Classic Hollywood stars, I feel Novarro is the one can most translate into modern success. And it’s not simply because of his dark good looks or acting ability. The reason is because he seemed to have more modern view of the world; he seemed to be ahead of the time. Just look at this quote about his view on modern movies:

“I was always the hero – with no vices – reciting practically the same lines to the leading lady. The current crop of movie heroes are less handicapped than the old ones. They are more human.”

While I thoroughly enjoy watching Ramon Novarro, perfect hero/lover, I would love to see Ramon Novarro, broken hero/tragic lover as much as I’m sure he wanted to see, too. But until I get enough money to hire a team of mad scientists to build that time machine I’ve always wanted, all I can do is continue speculating and enjoy my perfect hero, Ramon Novarro.

Ramon Novarro as the perfect hero in Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925, director Fred Niblo)


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