Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Maggie Smith


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Maggie Smith, Born December 29, 1934!

Although I adore the woman to no end, I must admit, I would not necessarily consider Maggie Smith a classic movie legend. Now, please, don’t get me wrong. Maggie Smith is a legend. The woman is a Dame for heaven’s sake. I mean, the Queen doesn’t appoint someone Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire for doing nothing. No, Maggie Smith is just as much as living legend as fellow Downtown Abbey star Shirley MacLaine or Kirk Douglas; her extensive stage and screen credits can attest to that. However, she isn’t a classic movie legend.

So, you’re probably wondering why even mention her on this blog, a blog dedicated to classic film royalty, if she does not even belong to this kingdom. The answer is simple: everyone needs to start somewhere and Dame Maggie Smith did get her start in the world of classic film. Although she did not attain her legendary status in the technicolor world of the studio system, like the afore-mentioned Shirley MacLaine (born the same year as Smith), she did prove herself as a strong supporting player, laying the groundwork for her own assent to Legendary status. So, in honor of this marvelous woman and all-around treasure to humanity, let us celebrate pre-legend Maggie Smith from the classic film era.

Maggie Smith in Pumpkin Eater (1964, Jack Clayton)


Lawrence Olivier , Othello, classic movie actor, stewart burge

Maggie Smith with Laurence Olivier in Othello (1965, Stewart Burge director)


Dame Maggie Smith in her current role Downtown Abbey because OH MY GOD please give me that outfit now.


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