Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Shelley Winters


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Shelley Winters, born on August 18, 1920!

Some actors make a career by playing it safe. They find a niche; make it work, and stick with it. It’s a respectable, perfectly stable way of making a living in Hollywood. Shelley Winters, however, wasn’t into that. What always appealed to me about Winters was the sheer boldness of her career choices. Starting out on the Hollywood scene as the classic blonde bombshell, her career would blossom into five decades of constant evolution, constant sass, and constant talent. She was a clear product of the star in the system, while criticizing and working against it, at the same time.  As Shelley has shown us, sometimes a little contradiction isn’t such a bad thing. Sometimes a little contradiction creates character, and in her case, a career.


ronald coleman, a double life, classic movie actor, George CukorShelley Winters as the bombshell with Ronald Colman in A Double Life ( 1947, George Cukor)


james mason, lolita, classic movie actor, stanley kubrickShelley Winters as The Shrill with James Mason in Lolita (1962, Stanley Kubrick director)


Shelley Winters as the tough, trash talking granny in the iconic Sitcom Roseanne.

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