Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Robert Mitchum


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Robert Mitchum, born August 6 in 1917.

Wesley Snipes. Russell Crowe. Colin Farrell. Or as the tabloids likes to call them — Hollywood bad boys. A decades old trope that blends the public persona of an actor with their silver screen characters, a bad boy tends to play the role of anti-hero both in their daily lives as well as their movie lives. So who has the honor of being considered Classic Hollywood’s most famous bad boy? Well, I know for me it’s birthday bad boy Robert Mitchum. Most noted for his role as dark yet endearing characters in genre’s ranging from film-noir to western, Mitchum was equally known for his off-screen antics, such as his 1947 arrest for marijuana possession. But surely the public would scorn such behavior, right? Actually, it was quite the contrary. Because in Hollywood, the norm is that boys will be boys, especially if they’re bad. So let’s celebrate our favorite classic bad boy by celebrating some of his best bad boy roles.


 Bad Boy Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter ( 1955, Charles Laughton director)


Bad Boy Robert Mitchum in Out of The Past (1947, Jacques Tournuer director)


Bad Boy Robert Mitchum in Cape Fear (1962, J. Lee Thompson director)


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  1. Angela Harper says:

    You didn’t mention the role that probably made him the ultimate anti-hero…Luke in Thunder Road, 1958! Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road also gave us the best car chase scenes EVER, with Steve McQueen in Bullit coming in 2nd.

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