Classic Movie Legend Tribute: George Cukor

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, George Cukor, born July 7 in 1899!

Woman’s Director. That is the title Hollywood bequeathed upon George Cukor, a title he of course resented. And, to be perfectly honest, I almost resent it, too. To call Cukor a “woman’s director” is to insult his craft because it wasn’t just women who benefited from his skillful coaxing.  All of his actors, both men and woman, had something to learn and something to gain (like, say an Oscar) from this man’s talent. And if you look at the numbers, he directed three men to Academy Award winning performances and only two women. Granted, he did direct 12 best actress nominations and only 8 for best actor. But who’s counting?  So, let us celebrate this so-called “woman’s director,” by paying attention to the before mentioned Oscar winning men.


james stewart and katharine Hepburn, the Philadelphia story, classic movie actress, george cukor

George Cukor directing Katharine Hepburn and James Stewart (in his award winning role) in The Philadelphia Story. (1940, George Cukor Director)


George Cukor (left) with Ronald Colman (right); Colman who would go on to win an Oscar for A Double Life. (1947, George Cukor, director)


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George Cukor on set with Rex Harrison, winner of the Best Actor Oscar for the film My Fair Lady (1964, George Cukor director)


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