Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Errol Flynn

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Errol Flynn, born June 20th, 1909!

Although Errol Flynn is often remembered most as the nefarious, swashbuckling hero of a bygone era, his abilities as an actor can often be overlooked. So today, the day of this glorious classic star’s birth, I would like to remember him not only as a brazen hero of fantastical proportions, but also as an actor who demonstrated a passion for his craft.


We’ll start with Errol Flynn, the swashbuckler in Captain Blood (1935, Michael Curtiz director)


Errol Flynn and betty davis, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, classic movie star, michael curtizBut we shall not forget Errol Flynn demonstrating the complexities of an  Earl infatuated with concepts of love and power in The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939, Michael Curtiz director)


And of course we can’t forget Errol Flynn, the romantic General Custer, taking his last heroic stand in They Died with Their Boots On. ( 1941, Raoul Walsh director)


Minoo Allen for Classic Movie Hub

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