Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Eleanor Parker


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Eleanor Parker, born June 26 in 1922!

Eleanor Parker, a versatile actress if I ever saw one. Her range was so expansive she would later be dubbed “Woman of a Thousand faces.” So, to celebrate this great star’s birthday, let us look at some of those (beautiful) faces.


frank sinatra, the man with the golden gun, otto preminger, classic movie actor

Eleanor Parker as Zosch Machine with Frank Sinatra in The Man with the Golden Arm. (1955, Otto Preminger director)


Eleanor Parker as The Baroness in The Sound of Music (1965, Robert Wise director)


kirt douglas, detective story, classic movie actor, william wyler

Eleanor Parker as Mary McLeod with Kirk Douglas in Detective Story (1951, William Wyler director)


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One Response to Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Eleanor Parker

  1. Javier Valverde says:

    Beautiful!!!! I’ve always loved Eleanor Parker. Unfortunately because she didn’t want a lot of fame because of her love of privacy, she didn’t do a lot of publicity for her films and is not well known today except for The Sound of Music.

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