Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Tony Curtis


Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Tony Curtis, born June 3 in 1925!

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in The Perfect Furlough, Classic Movie, Blake Edwards

Ah, the versatile, Tony Curtis — as a ‘man’:  Cpl. Paul Hodges in Blake Edward’s The Perfect Furlough opposite real-life wife Janet Leigh as Lt. Vicki Loren.

Lt. Vicki Loren: We just violated Article 93 Section 7.
Cpl. Paul Hodges: Have we?
Lt. Vicki Loren: No enlisted man shall kiss or embrace a superior officer.
Cpl. Paul Hodges: Shall we turn ourselves in?


Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in Some Like It Hot, Billy Wilder, Classic Movies

And Tony Curtis as a ‘woman’: Josephine (left) in Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot with Jack Lemmon as Daphne (right).  Not too shabby!

Sweet Sue: Are you two from the Poliakoff agency?
Josephine (Joe): Yes, we’re the new girls.
Daphne (Jerry): Brand new!


Tony Curtis, Stoney Curtis, Classic Movie Actor, Flintstones

And last but not least… Tony Curtis as a cartoon character: Stoney Curtis, on The Flintstones!

Stoney Curtis: Good evening Mrs. Flintstone. I’m Stoney Curtis, your Slave Boy.
Wilma Flintstone: Stoney Cur-Cur-Curtis? Stoney Curtis!


Annmarie Gatti
for Classic Movie Hub

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