Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Marilyn Monroe

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Legend, Marilyn Monroe, born June 1 in 1926!

Marilyn Monroe in The Dangerous Years, Classic Movie Actress, Arthur PiersonMarilyn Monroe as Evie (waitress) in Dangerous Years, her first ‘real’ role — although it was a small role, it was her first credited and her first speaking part.


Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot, Classic Movie Actress, Billy WilderMarilyn Monroe as the gorgeous (& voluptuous) Sugar Kane Kowalczyk in Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot.


Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable in The Misfits, Classic Movie Actress, Classic Movie Actor, John HustonMarilyn Monroe as Roslyn Taber in The Misfits — her last completed film, and Clark Gable’s last film as well.


Annmarie Gatti
for Classic Movie Hub

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One Response to Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Marilyn Monroe

  1. john says:

    Here’s a quote:
    “I learned also that the best way to keep out of trouble was by never complaining or asking for anything.” – Marilyn Monroe Quotes

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