BEYOND CASABLANCA Enter-to-Win Trivia Question (Friday May 3)

Here we go… the very last question and the very last book to giveaway… Are your ready?  Okay — here is the Trivia Question (red font below) which will determine this week’s winner of Beyond Casablanca: 100 Classic Movies Worth Watching (remember, in order to win, you must have already pre-qualified via the Qualifying Entry Task)


In the book, Beyond Casablanca: 100 Classic Movies Worth Watching, Jennifer Garlen includes Gone with the Wind as one of her 10 Essential Classic Films. Later on in the book, Jennifer discusses another classic film that also features a ‘Southern belle with attitude‘ described as follows: “Davis stars as society belle Julie Marsden, who flaunts convention and taxes the patience of her earnest suitor, Preston Dillard (Henry Fonda). At the most important social event of the season, the Olympus Ball, Julie finally crosses the line by vindictively wearing an extremely daring scarlet dress…”  What is the name of the movie?  (TWEET your answer to @classicmoviehub)

The FIRST person (who already completed this week’s Qualifying Entry Task) to correctly TWEET the answer to the above question — wins! :)

If you need help with the answer, please ‘put on your red dress’ and click here.

And if you don’t win, you can purchase Jennifer’s book at amazon:

Contest Information and Rules.

Good Luck!

–Annmarie Gatti from Classic Movie Hub

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