Announcing our 2019 Year-Long Partnership with Fathom Events: “TCM Big Screen Classics” Movie Tickets Giveaways!

Classic Movie Hub and Fathom Events Partnership Continues!
Year-Long Movie Ticket Giveaways to 
TCM Big Screen Classics

For the fourth consecutive year, Fathom Events and TCM present TCM Big Screen Classics — a year-long series of 14 fabulous movie classics shown on the Big Screen, each accompanied by insightful, specially-produced commentary from favorite TCM hosts. But that’s not all — CMH is now thrilled to say that — also — for the fourth consecutive year — CMH will be partnering with Fathom Events for our monthly classic movie ticket giveaways.

That said, Classic Movie Hub will be giving away EIGHT PAIRS of tickets to each of the 14 TCM Big Screen Classics playing throughout 2019. And, just like last year, it will be simple to enter… All you have to do is check back on this Blog every month OR follow us on Twitter at @ClassicMovieHub or on Facebook for our monthly contest announcements. Then complete that month’s entry task, and you will be entered into a random drawing to win a pair of tickets to that month’s movie event! That’s it! And there is no limit to how many contests you enter (and win) during the year — so feel free to enter all 14 of them…

We will kick off our first contest via a blog announcement for “The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary” on Tuesday, January 8th…

And — if you can’t wait to win tickets, you can purchase them online by visiting, or at participating theater box offices.

So, now, as they say, let’s get the show on the road — with a list of the movie events. 


JANUARY: The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary

the wizard of oz fathom events

The Wizard of Oz 80th Anniversary
Sunday, January 27, Tuesday, January 29, and Wednesday, January 30

A special 80th anniversary event is coming to select theaters. In this classic musical fantasy, Judy Garland stars as Dorothy Gale, a young Kansas farm girl who dreams of a land “somewhere over the rainbow.” Dorothy’s dream comes true when she, her dog, Toto, and her family’s house are transported by a tornado to a bright and magical world unlike anything she has seen before. Unfortunately, she makes a mortal enemy of a wicked witch when the house falls on the hag’s sister. Now, befriended by a scarecrow without a brain, a tin man with no heart and a cowardly lion–and protected by a pair of enchanted ruby slippers–Dorothy sets off along a yellow brick road for the Emerald City to beseech the all-powerful Wizard of Oz for his help to return home.


FEBRUARY: My Fair Lady

my fair lady fathom events

My Fair Lady
Sunday, February 17, and Wednesday, February 20

My Fair Lady is now more “loverly” than ever as a result of its 50th Anniversary, this eight-time OSCAR winning musical (including Best Picture, Best Director & Best Actor) has been restored frame-by-frame from the original 65mm negative and scanned utilizing state-of-the-art technology under the supervision of famed film historian Robert Harris. Audrey Hepburn has never looked more radiant as Eliza Doolittle who finds herself at the center of a friendly wager between Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) and his companion, Colonel Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White). Can this disheveled, cockney flower girl find her voice and blossom into a proper lady presentable in high society Performance, style and sweet spirit… plus an unforgettable score… have made My Fair Lady one of the greatest musicals in film history and a beloved and timeless classic that begs to be experienced on the big screen!


MARCH: To Kill a Mockingbird

to kill a mockingbird fathom events

To Kill a Mockingbird
Sunday, March 24, and Wednesday, March 27

Experience one of the most significant milestones in film history like never before with To Kill a Mockingbird. Screen legend Gregory Peck stars as courageous Southern lawyer Atticus Finch – the Academy Award®-winning performance hailed by the American Film Institute as the Greatest Movie Hero of All Time. Based on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about innocence, strength and conviction and nominated for 8 Academy Awards.® watch it and remember why “it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”


APRIL: Ben Hur 60th Anniversary

ben hur 60th anniversary fathom events

Ben Hur 60th Anniversary
Sunday, April 14, and Wednesday, April 17

Experience the visual splendor, thundering action and towering drama of this record-setting winner of 11 Academy Awards® including Best Picture. Charlton Heston brings a muscular physical and moral presence to this Best Actor Oscar®-winning role of Judah Ben-Hur, a Jewish nobleman in Palestine whose heroic odyssey includes enslavement by the Romans, vengeance against his tormentors during a furious arena chariot race and fateful encounters with Jesus Christ. Best Director Oscar® winner William Wyler masterfully grips the reins of an enduring and spellbinding spectacular.


MAY (#1): True Grit 50th Anniversary

true grit 50th anniversary fathom events

True Grit 50th Anniversary
Sunday, May 5, and Wednesday, May 8

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the classic Western that won John Wayne his first and only Oscar®. The legendary movie star gives his most iconic performance as Rooster Cogburn, a drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father. When Cogburn’s employer insists on accompanying the older gunfighter, sparks start to fly. The situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced but enthusiastic Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party. Laughter and tears punctuate the wild action in this extraordinary film featuring performances by Robert Duvall and strother Martin. A true western classic for fans and first-timers, True Grit is a must-see on the big screen.


MAY (#2): Steel Magnolias

steel magnolias fathom events

Steel Magnolias
Sunday, May 19, Tuesday May 20, and Wednesday, May 22

Six icons of the silver screen – Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis and Julia Roberts – come together in this hilarious and heartwarming story of life, love and loss in a small Louisiana parish. At the center of the group is Shelby, newly married and joyfully pregnant, even though her diabetes could make childbirth life-threatening. Terrified at the possibility of losing her only daughter, M’Lynn looks to her four closest friends for strength and laughter as she battles her deepest fear of death to join Shelby in celebrating the miracle of new life. A classic story of family, strength in women, and big southern hair, the big screen is the perfect way to experience the Magnolia’s Louisiana charm and celebrate 30 years of Steel Magnolias.


JUNE: Field of Dreams 30th Anniversary

field of dreams fathom events

Field of Dreams 30th Anniversary
Sunday, June 16, and Wednesday, June 18

“If you build it, he will come.” With these words, Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is inspired by a voice he can’t ignore to pursue a dream he can hardly believe. Supported by his wife Annie (Amy Madigan), Ray begins the quest by turning his ordinary cornfield into a place where dreams can come true. Along the way he meets reclusive activist Terence Mann (James Earl Jones), the mysterious “Doc” Graham (Burt Lancaster) and even the legendary “Shoeless Joe” Jackson (Ray Liotta). A heartwarming experience that has moved critics and audiences like no other film of this generation, Field of Dreams is a glowing tribute to all who dare to dream.


JULY: Glory

glory fathom events

Sunday, July 21, and Wednesday, July 24

The heart-stopping story of the first black regiment to fight for the North in the Civil War, GLORY stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Cary Elwes and Morgan Freeman. Broderick and Elwes are the idealistic young Bostonians who lead the regiment; Freeman is the inspirational sergeant who unites the troops; and Denzel Washington, in an Oscar®-winning performance (1989, Best Supporting Actor), is the runaway slave who embodies the indomitable spirit of the 54th Regiment of Massachusetts. This truly classic American Civil Warm film is sure to reach you to your core.


AUGUST:  Hello Dolly 50th Anniversary

hello dolly 50th anniversary

Hello Dolly 50th Anniversary
Sunday, August 11, and Wednesday, August 14

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Hello, Dolly! Dolly Levi uses her matchmaking skills in New York City to orchestrate the love lives of her friends, all while trying to get the man she likes to fall for her.


SEPTEMBER (#1): Lawrence of Arabia

lawrence of arabia fathom events

Lawrence of Arabia
Sunday, September 1, and Wednesday, September 4

Winner of 7 Academy Awards® including Best Picture of 1962, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA stands as one of the most timeless and essential motion picture masterpieces. The greatest achievement of its legendary, Oscar®-winning director, David Lean (1962, Lawrence of Arabia: 1957 The Bridge on the River Kwai), the film stars Peter O’Toole – in his career-making performance – as T.E Lawrence, the audacious World War 1 British army officer who heroically united rival Arab desert tribes and led them to war against the mighty Turkish Empire. This predominant classic is not one to miss, don’t pass up your chance to see this revolutionary title on the big screen!


SEPTEMBER (#2): The Shawshank Redemption 25th Anniversary

the shawshank redemption fathom events

The Shawshank Redemption 25th Anniversary
Sunday, September 22, Tuesday, September 24, and Wednesday, September 25

From a novella by best-selling author Stephen King comes a poignant tale of the human spirit. Red (Morgan Freeman), serving a life sentence, and Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), a mild-mannered banker wrongly convicted of murder, forge an unlikely bond that will span more than twenty years. Together they discover hope as the ultimate means of survival.


OCTOBER: Alien 40th Anniversary

alien 40th anniversary fathom events

Alien 40th Anniversary
Sunday, October 13, Tuesday, October 15, and Wednesday, October 16

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alien! Directed by Ridley Scott, the original sci-fi classic follows Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) investigating a suspected SOS on a remote planet and makes a terrifying discovery.


NOVEMBER: The Godfather Part II

the godfather part 11 fathom events

The Godfather Part II
Sunday, November 10, Tuesday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 13

In what is undeniably one of the best sequels ever made, Francis Ford Coppola continues his epic Godfather trilogy with this saga of two generations of power within the Corleone family. Coppola, working once again with the author Mario Puzo, crafts two interwoven stories that work as both prequel and sequel to the original. One shows the humble Sicilian beginnings and New York rise of a young Don Vito, played by Robert De Niro in an Oscar®-winning performance for Best Supporting Actor. The other shows the ascent of Michael (Al Pacino) as the new Don. Reassembling many of the cast members who helped make The Godfather®, Coppola has produced a movie of staggering magnitude and vision, the film received eleven Academy Awards® nominations, winning six including Best Picture of 1974.


DECEMBER: When Harry Met Sally 30th Anniversary

when harry met sally 30th anniversary fathom events

When Harry Met Sally 30th Anniversary
Sunday, December 1, and Wednesday, December 3

A special 30th Anniversary showing is coming to select theaters nationwide. Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally ALbright (Meg Ryan) meet when they share a car on a trip from Chicago to New York right after both graduate from college. As the two build their lives and careers in Manhattan, they find love and heartache– with other people– but their paths continue to cross and their friendship continues to grow over the years… until they confront the decision whether to let their friendship develop into a romance.


Please stay tuned for contest announcements throughout the year for your chance(s) to win!

Click here to see the contest rules and more info!


–Annmarie for Classic Movie Hub

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    how can i take a chance to win tickets to the classic movies when i do not have a facebook or twitter account. please let me know asap. thank you anita barnes

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      Each contest has an alternate way to enter. You don’t need facebook or twitter. All you have to do is answer the entry question by commenting on the blog post and adding the verbiage ‘I do not have a twitter account’.

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