TCM 2015 Classic Film Festival: Meet the Social Producers!

Introducing TCM’s Social Producers…

As you might have guessed based on my last blog post, there’s something extra special going on this year at the TCM Classic Film Festival!

This year, TCM has put together a crew of Social Producers (including yours truly) that will be running lots of fun promotions during the Film Festival.  So, for those of you going to the Film Festival, please keep your eyes peeled for us, and for those of you at home, please follow us via social media to keep up with events and promotions, and to win some great prizes…

TCM 2015 Film Festival Key Art Buster Keaton


That said, here’s a list of Social Producers and their promotions… Please know that I don’t have everyone’s information yet, but I will be adding info as I get it, so please keep checking back for updates…

Social Producer: Emily of The Vintage Cameo
Emily of The Vintage Cameo will be encouraging Festival goers to get ready for their close-up by sharing a #TCMFFselfie on social media. Emily will also be keeping things moving as the official gif-maker for films and events, as well as shepherding a familiar face around on his first trip to TCMFF… follow his photo clues to find him and you may get a prize!

Social Producer: Kim Luperi
Kim will be talking to Festival goers about historical accuracy and depictions of history in Hollywood movies. She’ll be talking to people around the festival, in lines, etc, and quoting them on Twitter. She will also be putting questions out broadly to all attendees (and those at home) to answer and respond to.

Social Producer: Ariel Schudson
Ariel is a professional film preservationist and archivist, and works with the Film Noir Foundation. As a social producer, Ariel will be concentrating on the more “archiving/restoration/preservation”-type angles associated with the films, individuals and film work showcased at TCMFF.

Social Producer: Chris Sturhann
Chris and his 15-year-daughter are one of two father-daughter teams among the Social Media Producers. They will be doing a combination of things including a video blog called Reverse Angle where they will be turning the camera around and looking at the people attending TCMFF, what fans are most looking forward to, fan favorite things so far – the kind of great interaction that you have a dozen times a day with random strangers at the Festival. Then Chris’ daughter Jasmine who is fairly new to Classic Film is going to be doing reviews of the films they see on Twitter using the #TCMFF15YO hashtag. Her reviews are short but tend to pack as much insight and snark as will fit in 140 characters.

Social Producer: Diane Levine
Diane and her dad are going to share all of their experiences throughout the festival, whether it be a reaction to a film or an interaction with other pass holders.  They’re also going to dive into the inter-generational connections going on at the festival, including trying to find some other father/daughter pairs and share their experiences.  Diane’s dad’s parents loved movies and shared them with him, and he shared movies with Diane, but “he is not as much of a classic film nut (I use the term lovingly) as I am” says Diane.  So there are some movies at the festival that Diane will be introducing to her dad and some movies that he’ll be introducing to her.  They’ll be sharing their experiences on twitter, tumblr and on Diane’s blog.

Social Producer: Jeff Lundenberger
Jeff will be using Twitter to integrate the festival with Hollywood Boulevard and the surrounding area, posting about restaurants, businesses, and points of interest, including a little Hollywood history. The project will be called “TCM Boulevard.”

Social Producer: Elise Crane Derby 
Elise will live tweeting events throughout the fest. Here’s her schedule:
Wednesday-Angie Dickinson panel
Thursday- Meet TCM, and Red carpet
Friday- Plummer’s print ceremony, Errol Flynn’s Daughter and Fonda on Fonda
Saturday- Ann Coates and The Apartment Q&A
Sunday-Bonham’s memorablia appraisal’s and conversation with Shirley Maclaine

Social Producer: Kristen Sales
Kristen will be posting photos and information on the history of the sites around the festival itself, including Grauman’s, The Egyptian, nearby Hollywood studios and filming locations, as it pertains to the films and stars screening at the festival. For example, for the STEAMBOAT BILL JR. screening, Kristen will be posting photos/info from the former Buster Keaton Studios, which is located about a mile from the Egyptian Theater, within walking distance of festival attendees, if fans wish to visit.

Social Producer: Nora Fiore
Nora is creating classic movie GIFs for the official TCMFF Tumblr, which she is co-running with Marya. In addition, Nora’s personal focus for the festival is living history—trying to document as many interviews with legendary special guests at the festival as possible. She’ll be covering TCMFF on her blog (see below), and on all of her social media accounts.

Social Producer: Colleen Fiore
In the lobby of the Chinese Multiplex this year, adjacent to the lounge, TCM will set up a video booth and ask fans to tell us two minute stories about when they first fell in love with films. Immediately after shooting their videos, fans will have the option of sharing their videos on social with the hashtag #HeartMovies.  Colleen will be the #heartmovies  ambassador for this event, and she’ll have stickers to give out. Help her spread the word. Please visit the booth, come find Colleen and get an awesome #heartmovies sticker!

And last, but not least 🙂

Social Producer: Annmarie Gatti 
CMH will be running a quotes-based trivia contest, giving away prizes to fans that are waiting on line to see movies, as well as fans at home via a social media overlay… CMH will also be posting screen grabs with quotes on social media, including Twitter and Pinterest…


We all hope to see lots of you at the Festival. So please say hello! And hoping everyone at home stays tuned for fun updates and fun prizes!

–Annmarie Gatti at Classic Movie Hub


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I had a somewhat vague idea of what the other Social Media producers were doing through the grapevine, blog posts, etc., but it’s really nice to have it all here in one spot. See you in a couple of days,


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