Ron Hutchinson

Ron Hutchinson

It is with profound sadness that we at Classic Movie Hub share the news of the passing of our friend and colleague, Ron Hutchinson, who lost his battle with cancer this Saturday. Ron was one of our own. As a regular contributor to CMH, Ron provided a wealth of unique expertise in the classic film world. More importantly, Ron was a man of compassion, humanity, integrity, and a true-blue friend. The fact that so few knew he was even sick reflects the type of man he was, as well.

The Vitaphone Project's Ron Hutchinson speaks at TCMFF 2016 90th Anniversary of Vitaphone presentation; photo credit: Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub; (c) Classic Movie HubRon Hutchinson at the 2016 TCM Film Festival in celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Vitaphone

His preservation, restoration and passionate work in the specialized Vitaphone media was so instrumental, it is impossible not to connect the word Vitaphone to the name Ron Hutchinson. As the founder of the Vitaphone Project and as one the world’s premier film historians, Ron’s unique knowledge has been sourced in over 25 books, documentaries for PBS and TCM, commentary for the DVD boxed set “The Jazz Singer,” and he was an extremely popular presenter of rare Vitaphone shorts at the 2016 TCM Film Festival. As a member of the Classic Movie Hub family, each of Ron’s monthly articles were like unearthed treasures. We felt so lucky when he generously shared his detailed knowledge with us because we knew every contribution came from the best expert available.

In addition to his many friends and fans throughout the classic film community, Ron’s loss is deeply felt by his family. Ron Hutchinson proudly spoke of his children and grandchildren often. Our hearts and condolences go out to you all.

–The Classic Movie Hub Family

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2 Responses to Ron Hutchinson

  1. Jonathan Guyot Smith says:

    Ron will long be remembered for his amazing work with the Vitaphone Project, among other things, but I shall remember him as an unfailingly kind, generous, helpful and unaffected gentleman whom I looked forward to seeing at the various vintage music shows each year. I don’t believe I ever spoke with Ron without his helping me in some way. On one occasion, I told him of a 2-reel musical I had wanted to see for decades. Shortly thereafter, a DVD from this fine gentleman was in my mailbox. The last time we spoke, I referred to him as the “best of the best,” with which assessment friends grouped about him on that occasion swiftly agreed. He was well-known and highly respected in his field, but never failed to take the time to graciously respond to pleas for assistance. Ron will be missed, but always remembered for his kindness and integrity, coupled with his expertise in the realm of early musical films.

  2. Amy Condit says:

    I was saddened to hear about Ron’s passing. I enjoyed his contributions to this website as well as all he’s done for Vitaphone preservation over the years. I will have to watch his commentary for “The Jazz Singer” tonight. He’ll be greatly missed in the classic film community.

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