In Celebration of Summer — and the Stars!


Just for Fun: Summer and The Stars

It’s finally here! Yes, June 21st has arrived and with it the first official day of summer. So get out your bathing suits, fishing poles and get ready to run for the ice-cream truck because the season of long, lazy days has arrived. So, to celebrate this most glorious of seasons, let us sit back, relax and take some notes from these stars of summer.



Audrey Hepburn lounging around, seemingly very riveted by whatever book she is reading.



Bette Davis eating ice cream dressed as a sailor while wearing what appears to be the hippest sunglasses in Hollywood.


carole lombard umbrella

Carole Lombard in the very practical clothing combination of a bathing suit and heels.



Cary Grant, what a sight. Lounging in his summer white.


Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn enjoy a calm summer afternoon on his boat.


Gregory Peck Beach

Gregory Peck enjoying some beach time.


henry-fonda surfing

Henry Fonda surfing the waves like he was born on the board.


James Stewart fishing

James Stewart, enjoying a beer and fishing with an old friend. Clearly he’s catching winners.


Sophia Loren beach

And on that day, every man wishes to be Sophia Loren’s beach ball.



Tony Curtis on the beach while enjoying the sea-life by ripping it from the water with his fishing pole.


William Holden on Boat

William Holden enjoying summer, being what I like to call a “babe.”


–Minoo Allen for Classic Movie Hub

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  1. Fun collection! I think I’ll go with Errol Flynn’s afternoon boating trip for my summer inspiration… such classic cool.

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