How Many Films did Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor Star in Together?

How many Films did Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor Star in Together?

Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor were married on May 14, 1939, after about three years of ‘dating’…  They divorced in February 1952 (some sources say 1951), and although they did not star in any films together during their 12-plus-year marriage, they did make three films together over the course of their careers.

Stanwyck and Taylor starred in THREE FILMs together, two before their marriage, and one 12+ years after their divorce.

  1. His Brothers Wife (1936) (romantic drama directed by W.S. Van Dyke)
  2. This is My Affair (1937) (crime drama directed by William A. Seiter)
  3. The Night Walker (1964) (psychological thriller directed by William Castle)


Five Fun Facts – just couldn’t help myself:

1. Stanwyck and Taylor got their marriage license about a week prior to tying the knot, keeping their plans a secret, and registering under their legal names Ruby (Catherine) Stevens and (Spangler) Arlington Brugh.

Newlyweds Brugh and Stevens, aka Taylor and Stanwyck


2. The couple eloped to San Diego and were married a little after midnight on May 14th, superstitious of getting married on the 13th.

Article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette published on May 15, 1939, announcing the Stanwyck / Taylor elopement on May 14th.


3. Zeppo Marx ‘s wife, Marion, who introduced Stanwyck to Taylor, was Stanwyck’s Matron of Honor.

Barbara Stanwyck, Zeppo and Marion Marx, and Robert Taylor, 1939.


4. Stanwyck and The Marxes were steadfast friends, and together they established Marwyck (now Oakridge Estate), a thoroughbred ranch and state of the art horse breeding facility.

Marion Marx and Barbara Stanwyck at Marwyck, photo from Victoria is the author of A Life of Barbara Stanwyck, Steel True 1907-1940


5. Zeppo Marx was Stanwyck’s agent.

Post acting career, Zeppo was, among other things, a theatrical agent


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie hub

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