“Hope: Entertainer of the Century” Book Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of November 17)

Book Giveaway: “Hope: Entertainer of the Century” by Richard Zoglin  — Qualifying Entry Task for this week’s  Twitter Contest

By now, you probably know the drill… so here goes…

In order to qualify for this week’s Hope: Entertainer of the Century Giveaway on Twitter, you must complete the following task by Friday, November 21 at 5PM EST (i.e. any time between now and November 21 at 5PM EST):

Bob Hope: Entertainer of the Century by Richard Zoglin

“On screen, they had the perfect combination of camaraderie and tension.  Crosby was the schemer, Hope the patsy; Crosby the cool customer, Hope the nervous Nellie; Crosby the suave ladies’ man, Hope the overeager wannabe. As performers, they were so in sync with each other that their dialogue often sounded ad-libbed, and you felt you were watching the real Hope and Crosby, not two made-up characters. Off-stage they weren’t close friends, but on a movie screen or on the stage, they brought out the best in each other.”
– Richard Zoglin (Excerpt from Exclusive Interview with Classic Movie Hub, read more here)


ENTRY TASK (2-parts):

1) Answer the below question via the comment section at the bottom of this blog post 

2) Then TWEET (not DM) the following message:
Just entered to win “Hope: Entertainer of the Century” courtesy of @ClassicMovieHub & @SimonBooks
BY Friday, November 21, 5PM EST

Who is your favorite Bob Hope co-star?

To learn more about the book, read our Exclusive Interview with author Richard Zoglin (click here).

*Here’s my twitter handle @classicmoviehub

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me on Twitter @classicmoviehub.

For more information about Hope: Entertainer of the Century, you can follow Richard on twitter at @RZoglin or visit his website RichardZoglin.com.

Sorry, but please note that only Continental United States (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and the territory of Puerto Rico) are eligible to enter. (see contest rules for further information)

Contest Information and Rules.

And if you can’t wait to win the book, you can purchase it here


Good Luck!

–Annmarie Gatti from Classic Movie Hub


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10 Responses to “Hope: Entertainer of the Century” Book Giveaway Twitter Contest (Week of November 17)

  1. Carl says:

    I remember seeing Bob Hope on television with Lucille Ball although I wasn’t aware that they had done films together till I looked it up. They seemed to really enjoy working together and were very funny together, of course.

  2. bill norris says:

    Loved Bing Crosby in the “Road to …. series!

  3. Jason F says:

    Joan Collins in The Road To Hong Kong. She was a darling back then.

  4. David Keel says:

    Dorothy Lamour

  5. My favorite Hope movie is The Princess and the Pirate (1944) so for that reason I’ll say Virginia Mayo, but also love Marilyn Maxwell in The Lemon Drop Kid (1951)

  6. Liz L says:

    Gotta go with Bing Crosby!

  7. lori says:

    OBV I have to go with Barbara Stanwyck :) in Variety Girl, the ultimate

  8. Scott G says:

    Dorothy Lamour, of course!

  9. Kate I. says:

    My favorite of Bob Hope’s co-stars is “The Bombshell of Bombs” … that is, Dorothy Lamour.

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