Classic Movie Pictorials: Ginger Rogers and Friends… (Guest Post by Ron Fisher)

 A Pictorial Tribute: Ginger and Friends…

Anyone who reads this blog certainly knows these two:

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers


Of course!  It’s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!  I’m a huge fan of them both and have a large collection of pics and knowledge about them that I’ll be sharing here.  I’m especially interested in Rogers; I feel that, even with all the fame, she’s still underestimated as an actress.

While I will be doing some writing of course, I’m going to be concentrating on pictures of them both with an emphasis on pictures beyond the usual ones.  Sometimes, like now, I’ll be arranging pics within a theme….other times just pictures that hopefully you will enjoy.

Today’s theme is Ginger with Other Famous People….let’s begin!


Ginger Rogers with Edith Head, The Major and the MinorGinger with Edith Head during the shooting of The Major and The Minor (1942, director Billy Wilder)


Faye Emerson, Sonja Henie, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland and Ginger RogersFaye Emerson, Sonja Henie, Edith Piaf, Judy Garland and Ginger Rogers.


Jeanette MacDonald and Ginger RogersGinger was one of Jeanette MacDonald’s bridesmaids!


Jimmy Stewart and Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers and James StewartA couple of pictures ‘out on the town’ with Jimmy Stewart


Ginger Rogers and Carole LombardGinger and Carole Lombard in their furs!


Sep. 19, 1971: President Richard Nixon relaxes from official duties to have a chat and cup of coffee with actress Ginger Rogers in his executive office at White House. Credit: Associated PressAn older Ginger in the Nixon White House…. (photo credit: Associated Press)


Ginger Rogers at Watergate Hearings as spectator…and Ginger at the Watergate hearings!


That’s all for now…. Ginger, take us out!

Ginger Rogers upside down


–Ron Fisher for Classic Movie Hub

Thank you to Ron for contributing this wonderful Ginger Rogers Post as part of his Fred and Ginger Pictorial Series for CMH. You can follow Ron on Twitter at @KngFish .



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