Classic Movie Legend Tribute: Stan Laurel

Happy Birthday to Classic Movie Comedy Legend, Stan Laurel, born June 16 in 1890!

Three ‘Signature’ Faces of Stan Laurel


A ‘thinking’ Stan Laurel, with his ‘signature’ head scratch! Stan Laurel as Stanley in the comedy short, Thicker Than Water (1931 directed by James W. Horne)


A confused Stan Laurel with his ‘signature’ blank stare! Stan Laurel as Stan in the comedy short, Be Big (1931 directed by James W. Horne and James Parrott)


And, last but not least, a sad Stan Laurel with his ‘signature’ whimpering cry. Stan Laurel as Stannie Dum and Oliver Hardy as Ollie Dee in Babes in Toyland also known as The March of the Wooden Soldiers (1934 directed by Gus Meins and Charley Rogers)


Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub 

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