It’s a Wonderful Life: The Illustrated Holiday Classic – Book Giveaway (now thru Dec 12)

It’s a Wonderful Life: The Illustrated Holiday Classic
We have 10 Books to Giveaway Now through Dec 12!

Re-live the beloved holiday classic with this
lavishly illustrated storybook the entire family can share

We are delighted to announce our next giveaway — just in time for the Holidays!

Over the next few weeks, CMH will be giving away 10 COPIES of the book “It’s a Wonderful Life: The Illustrated Holiday Classic” by New York Times best-selling author Paul Ruditis, courtesy of Insight Editions!


In order to qualify to win one of these prizes via this contest giveaway, you must complete the below entry task by Saturday, Dec 12 at 6PM EST. However, the sooner you enter, the better chance you have of winning, because we will pick two winners on five different days within the contest period, via random drawings, as listed below… So if you don’t win the first week that you enter, you will still be eligible to win during the following weeks until the contest is over.

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What do you love most about It’s a Wonderful Life? And, if you’re not familiar with the story, why do you want to win this book?

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About the Book: It’s a Wonderful Life: The Illustrated Holiday Classic​ retells the story of the 1946 classic film through original artwork, and allows readers to return to the town of Bedford Falls to watch George dream big, fall in love, and learn the important lesson, that “no man is a failure who has friends.” Favorite scenes like George and Mary’s high school dance (that ends up in the pool,) Clarence rescuing George from the bridge, and neighbors coming together to help save the Building & Loan, are depicted in delightful illustrations in this handsome volume that is sure to become a new family holiday tradition.


Please note that only United States (excluding the territory of Puerto Rico) AND Canada entrants are eligible. No P.O. Boxes please.

And — BlogHub members ARE eligible to win if they live within the Continental United States (as noted above).

Good Luck!

And if you can’t wait to win the book, you can purchase the on amazon by clicking here:


–Annmarie Gatti for Classic Movie Hub

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66 Responses to It’s a Wonderful Life: The Illustrated Holiday Classic – Book Giveaway (now thru Dec 12)

  1. Robert Stein says:

    Love fantasies however “It’s A Wonderful Life”is more than that. The angel in the story is really George Bailey’s conscience, reminding him at every turn that his life has value and that all life does. This is why I’d like to have the book as anything that makes life prosper is worth having.

    • Victor Steele says:

      Clarence the Angel.It’s not just George Bailey that gets his due in the end.Clarence also finally gets his wings. The thing I’ve always wondered was just what kinds of situations had Clarence bungled that it took him so long to get promoted?

  2. Carl says:

    The thing I love most about It’s a Wonderful Life is that it captures a certain era in American life that seems to be receding into the past. I hope it continues to remind present and future generations of those timeless values we could all benefit from today.

  3. Vickie Gleason says:

    I love this story!
    It’s such a touching story to remind you that family and friends are worth more than any gold! Also, we really all do have a Guardian Angel watching over us.

  4. Valerie J Swayze says:

    What I love most about Its A Wonderful Life is that there are so many life lessons in the story. Each life on Earth is important and as long as we are alive we can make a difference in other peoples lives. We need to teach our children and grandchildren that their lives matter and that they should try to help someone each day. They should also learn that having good friends is sometimes better than having money in the bank. I do not have a Twitter account so I am posting here to enter and cannot tweet the message.

  5. M.T. Fisher says:

    That good is triumphant. That George realizes he IS a success, and that everyone in the town realizes it, too. That love wins out at the end. We come to realize that Clarence, who may not seem like the best choice for a guardian angel, is the perfect one, and more than likely, the only one who could have pulled off the job. It’s a rare case of perfection in the cinema.

  6. Liliana Maria Radwanski says:

    What do I Love about It’s a Wonderful Life?
    I fell in love with it again in the mid 1980’s ,while it was in the public Donain it aired nightly it seemed on every station.
    The movie had a beautiful message, while George Bailey had dreams that he didn’t get fulfilled because of Life’s Circumstances, he did have a Wonderful Life.
    The story would Center on George who was in Despair in the midst of Holiday Season! His brother was made a war hero. & during the happiness his Uncle misplaced $8,000. He and George look all over , and the founder of the town threatens to lock up George , the President of the Building and Loan Office for stealing money. He is beside himself. Is short I. Temper to his wife and kids.1is sick with sniffles.she asks him to put her rose given in school a drink of water.petals come off and she asks him to paste it? He places petals in pocket. He makes teacher cry on phone, husband wants to fight him, & George storms out. He goes to bar where he gets punched by teachers husband.

    Little did he know Angrls observed his life up to that point. An Angel who hadn’t received his wings is sent to save him. Angel dives in water and George saves him.To make him realize that life was worth living . George sees what happened to everyone if he never was born. Including his wife as an d maid and his brother drowned as. Child And he realised he wanted to live even if he would do jail time.

    I saw it many times and gave many editions of film and even met
    Karolyn Zsu Zsu Grimes at Chiller Theatre last October. She told me great stories of Jimmy and Don a and she was 6 making film.
    I would love to own this beautiful book!

  7. Tim says:

    It’s a wonderful life is so great and timeless because it is a Christmas movie with, some twilight zone and romance sprinkled in. Oh and it’s really funny and heart wrenching at times too. It’s such a great movie.

    I hope I win the book so that I can share the story with my 3 boys.

    Hope I win!

  8. Christopher S says:

    It’s an uplifting story of family, love, and hope.

  9. I love watching its a wonderful life because it shows good living versus love of material things _ Building and loan versus miserly business man who takes advantage of uncle by not giving back his money . In the end the good people help out the Baileys . Happy Ending and Angel gets his wings. Its a great movie with a great message.

  10. Patricia Kertai says:

    I loved It’s a Wonderful Life when my husband introduced to it. And now that God gave me my husband back it means even more. For you see it is my husband’s favorite Christmas movie and it is now mine.

  11. I absolutely love Zuzu’s petals. Made me cry when he found out she was better ❤️

  12. Billie McCombs says:

    Kind of a tough question…there are so many perfect things about this movie. George thought he’d given up his dreams only to find out that God put him where he needed to be when he needed to be there. Saved Harry, took care of his mom, saved Mr Gower, made Mary’s dreams come true, basically saved the town from Mr Potter. Sometimes we all think that we don’t matter & this movie makes us take a 2nd look.

  13. It’s a Wonderful Life describes goodness and love for our fellow man …we all come together when it might seam impossible to solve. I have seen this movie so many times I could play every part lol…
    I do not have a twitter account so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  14. Stuart Cook says:

    IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE helps celebrate all the good we have in life, despite dips in the road and detours we have to take. It’s depth and warmth makes it one of the greatest American classic movies made, and a tribute to the genius of Frank Capra.
    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  15. Susan Rose says:

    No matter what happens in life there are family and friends that will stand up for you! Treat people the way you want to be treated. George loved everyone and tried to help any way he could.

  16. Bill Taylor says:

    After watching It’s a Wonderful Life every year, I just want to hug my family & friends & thank them for being in my life. It reinforces my gratitude of knowing people actually love me.

  17. Gloria Elizabeth says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.
    Basically, the story affirms the value of a life lived with kindness, no matter how obscure. I love it. I also love that it shows the value of co-operative institutions (like the Savings and Loan) over capitalist, for-profit institutions (like Mr. Potter’s Bank) and shows the beauty of reclamation projects like the Bailey”s house, even when they’re unending, even frustrating, works-in-progress (that always broken newel post!).

  18. Everything about it. The beauty of its simplicity. The fact George is the everyday guy that nothing seems to go right for but he finds out he had so much to love. He learned that people loved him for being him and no other reason. I love what the film stands for and I love the casting. I love to read about James Stewart getting saved when he was filming the bar scene. I love everything about it’s a wonderful life and that’s why it’s my favorite movie ever! I do not have a Twitter account so I am entering the contest by posting my comment. Thank you

  19. Marty says:

    I love Its a Wonderful Life because it is the ultimate pick-me-up for anyone who is ever depressed, especially deeply. It is proof that we all have care and love in our lives even when we believe we don’t. One of my ten most favorite movies. Not just for Christmas.

  20. Lori Eber says:

    There are so many reasons why I love this story! First of all, the message that “each man’s life touches so many others” was always my favorite part. And then, of course, how Clarence (As2) shows George how important his life was to everyone and how everything changed because he wasn’t there. I also love this story because my Dad’s favorite actor was Jimmy Stewart, and this was his favorite movie. So, growing up, we always watched it together. It just means a lot to me! And, of course, the ending is amazing! I cry every time!

  21. Brenda J Peterson says:

    I love the message that every life has meaning and influence far beyond what you might think. George is an everyman, but he has values & worth by being a good man, an honest man, who helps his community & his fellow man. It is one of Capra’s greatest movies & a personal favorite.

  22. I love how he doesn’t want anything in return when helps people, and at the end all of his friends and family help him with his problems that he was trying to deal with himself.

  23. Crystal Curlee says:

    I love that the story has lessons about life and even in the darkest moments, you still have people you love stand by you. I love how good people win in the end.

  24. Jack Cibrian says:

    I love how George has his faith restored and realizes that even the smallest polite gesture can change others for the good.

  25. Diana says:

    What I love about it is that it’s about life and the effects every one’s choices lead to.

  26. Sheila Shaw says:

    I love that it shows so much hope & love!

  27. I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.
    I love It’s A Wonderful Life, for its message of hope when all seems lost, and the love Mary holds for George, no matter how tough things get.

  28. Lorri Langmaid says:

    What I love most is the story makes you believe in the spirt of Christmas. This is one of my favorite movies. Always makes me feel like things will work out in the end. People come together to help George. Makes you stop and think about how everyone’s life matters. We all touch those we meet along the way. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Brett Doze says:

    What I love most about “It’s a Wonderful Life” is how relatable the story of George Bailey is. It’s so easy for empathetic people to do so much for others that their goals and desires get pushed to the side. The movie shows how this can lead to a sense of despair and unworthiness when things go wrong. It’s such an uplifting and inspirational story, but it also doesn’t shy away from the darker side of things.

  30. Cheryl Strauss says:

    What I love about It’s a Wonderful Life is the message that each of our lives have value and meaning and greatly affects those around us. If we are rich in friends we are truly rich.

  31. Billy Slobin says:

    I have loved this film my whole life.
    Such a poignant story…The Greatest Gift!
    Each Christmas Eve at dusk my family (even my adult sons) get cozy, fireplace on and watch quietly with no cell phones or interruptions. I cry during the viewing no matter how many times we watch. It is a work of art that relates to real life. I’d sure love to read this book to my grandchildren each Christmas Eve!

  32. sue says:

    I love the theme of the movie– to be grateful for what you have and to recognize that your contribution to your small little corner of the world can have a profound and far-reaching effect on others.

    And I love the thought that there are guardian angels!

  33. JOYCE HEISER says:

    “It’s A Wonderful Life” has always been part of my Christmases, it seems. I love the humor and humanity Capra blended so well in this movie. I always see something new in it each year. And I LOVE the Ward Bond-Frank Faylen “I Love You Truly” duet!

  34. Mark PAGAN says:

    There’s one line from Wonderful Life that I find myself using against so many value judgements, but it’s not from any of the main characters: in Gower’s Drugstore, after young Mary chastises Violet for liking “all the boys!” she replies in a floaty lilt, “What’s wrong with that?”
    Plenty more to like as well, but that’s my go-to.

  35. Roderick Burkes says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message. I love the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” because it’s a story of hope and love. The characters are relatable and interesting. We watch it every year!

  36. Karin A. says:

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

    I haven’t watched this in many years and I’d like to reacquaint myself with the story….Seems like there is never enough time during the Christmas season to see all the movies that I want to watch!

  37. Luna Luis Ortiz says:

    What do you love most about It’s a Wonderful Life? It’s a Wonderful Life is a great story and film but the reason I love the film is because it reminds me of my grandmother. We used to sit and watch the film by the fireplace. She loved it so much that we used to watch it together outside of the Christmas holiday. I must have been 5 when I first saw the film. I remember running across the house when I heard the bells in the beginning of the film. Grandma would say, “Its George Bailey time.” She laughed loudly during the robe scene and I learned about grandma from the film…her response to scenes let me ask her about her life growing up. Her life in the 1930s, growing up during the war, her first crush, James Stewart. I personally think she was just in love with James Stewart and imagined herself as Donna Reed in the film. For me, I love the scene when George Bailey gives his own money to the people in the town. I cry every time I see this part. Its a wonderful film and it really crosses generations because I share the film with my chosen family in the way my grandmother introduced it to me.

  38. Laurie Connor says:

    “Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?”
    What a nice message. The movie is perfection! Romance, Family, Comedy, Drama and Christmas, too! What’s not to love?
    I think the part I love the most is the message that everyone matters and how the town rallies around George and his family at the end.

  39. Louis Lopez says:

    I love It’s A Wonderful Life because it’s a story of sacrifice, love, and redemption. It has great performances, especially from James Stewart and Donna Reed, and shows how one person can make a difference. It’s a Frank Capra classic!

  40. amanda wells says:

    Watching It’s A Wonderful Life, has been a family tradition, since I was a little kid. I remember, looking forward to seeing it each year. Its the movie, that introduced me to the great talents of James Stewart, Lionel Barrymore, Donna Reed, Thomas Mitchell, and Henry Travers. There are so many, memorable moments through out the story. That even today, still has a great message about family and friends, is all you need to have a wonderful life.

  41. The movie deals with reality in terms of dealing with dreams that fail and raw thoughts that have crossed our minds at one point or other in ways we deal with it, but it does it with a twist of fantasy. I cannot spend a Christmas Holiday without watching this movie.

  42. Donna Hurt says:

    I love It’s a Wonderful Life because every year, no matter what, it touches my heart. We all need the reminder that we are important and that we touch so many people’s lives. There are every day angels in our lives that are there to remind us and to love us. We all have our Clarence! Timeless movies are timeless when you can rewatch them over and over again and always love them. It’s a Wonderful Life is one of them.

  43. Sara Stewart says:

    What I loved about this movie is it shows that no matter who you are, you make a difference. If you think you wouldn’t be missed or that you haven’t impacted someone’s life in a good way, you’re wrong. That even the little things you never think about again do make a difference.

  44. Andy Prutsok says:

    The ending always brings tears to my eyes when the town turns out to help George.

  45. Dustin says:

    I love It’s A Wonderful Life for so many reasons, but probably more than anything is that is a reminder for me to appreciate everything I have. “The richest man in town” is something I constantly remind myself of when I count the wonderful family and friends that I have.

  46. Karen King says:

    I love this movie because it reminds us that our lives matter. If we could see what the world would look like without our having been born —what would it look like? Also, I love the message the movie sends that even though your life doesn’t turn out the ways’ you planned or wanted it too, you can still find meaning and love and appreciation for your journey. Love heals.

  47. Katie says:

    It really shows how much someone’s life, can effect so many others. It really does show that you matter in this world and that even when you may not think it you are loved and appreciated. The movie makes me cry every time I watch it, it truly is such a heart warming story! I just love Jimmy Stewart too!❤️❤️

  48. Christine Nelson-Rivers says:

    I love the way It’s A Wonderful Life gives the secondary characters, those who are touched by the life of George Bailey and eventually come to his aid, as everyday people who also touched his life. The pharmacist who buys him a suitcase when he graduates, the bar owner who worries when he sees George at his lowest, the “bad girl” who sees how he could change her life, the can driver and cop who serenade the newlyweds on their wedding night.

    These aren’t fully fleshed out characters, but they are the types of people who inhabit all our lives and it’s a nice reminder of how we all impact each other just going along in our day.

    And, so often here these characters are also the levity of the film.

  49. David Pecoraro says:

    I do not have an unprotected Twitter account.
    My family & I are such big fans of It’s A Wonderful Life that we drive into Manhattan every December to take part in a staged reading at the Metropolitan Playhouse.
    We are assigned scripts at random.
    George & Mary are divided between three persons each, regardless of gender.
    Most of us are hard core fans but we also get some folks who have never seen the movie.
    Afterwards we then enjoy some holiday cheer together.
    While it is clear we will not be able to meet I person this year due to COVID I have asked them if we can do one via ZOOM.

  50. Annmarie Gatti says:

    Posting on behalf of Dave P:
    I hope to win this book because my wife & I (and my eldest son) enjoy performing in the annual Metropolitan Playhouse staged reading.

  51. Nancy Shamla says:

    The story is a beautiful reminder that every person can make a positive effect on another person’s life. You don’t have to be a rich and powerful person to have many friends.

  52. Rosemarie A Meneo says:

    What I love most about It’s a Wonderful Life is its life-affirming message that we all have a purpose; we all touch each other’s lives, sometimes in ways that we cannot even imagine. I love that the film’s inspirational values have been adapted for children with this new book–thanks for the giveaway!

  53. Jason S says:

    Beyond the story itself, which is a timeless classic, It’s A Wonderful Life is one of the first movies I can remember watching together with my dad. It became tradition for the two of us to watch this movie alone every year around the holidays, a tradition I hope to carry on with my own children.

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  54. Tatiana Vega says:

    What I love most about it’s a Wonderful Life is at some point in all our lives we have felt not good enough, like we don’t matter, and maybe all of our goals and dreams didn’t come true but if you look at all the people in your life chances are if you were to no longer be there it would leave a terrible void no matter who you are. So life is always worth living if you look at who you can help, who you can be there for because in helping others we help ourselves feel and be fulfilled to what we are put on earth for. This film really makes me know that I do matter even to people that I think don’t need me. For me every time I watch this film it’s like the first time and I’m just so taken my Jimmy Stewart and all the other actors it’s a beautiful film for sure.

  55. Sofija says:

    What I love most about It’s A Wonderful Life is probably when the angel helps George realize how important of a person he is and how many people he has helped in his life. Sometimes it’s hard for us to see our value and we need someone to remind us of it. I also love the part when all people in town who have received help from George in the past unite to help him.

  56. Christina Sharpe says:

    I love this movie because it’s so heartfelt. You can feel everything from head to toe. It’s a wonderful portrayal of the ups and downs of life, and it’s brilliantly acted.

  57. Jamie Engle says:

    I loved this movie so much! It brilliantly expresses how much each person, in this case George, means to more than just himself. Many times we don’t see or recognize the value & it takes an angel to guide the way to mysteries of life.

  58. Rachel says:

    I love this movie because it is a classic wholesome movie! I enjoy how George learns how his life truly affects others!

  59. Bryan says:

    It’s a Wonderful Life is an annual watch for us. The performances are perfectly executed and it manages to take on some ridiculously dark subject matter and explore the joy of life through it. I can’t imagine this level of optimism being born out of a character’s low point, today. Jimmy Stewart is a fav of mine as well – his Shop Around the Corner – often gets paired with this in our home over some egg nog and sugar cookies. I could use cliche terms like “iconic” and so forth. But I feel my adoration of the film extends beyond its importance being socially reinforced and my tastes being reflected back at me by the larger world. The film, especially as I grow older or suffer through harder times, feels deeply personal and like an important piece of art.

  60. Erin Sullivan says:

    I love It’s a Wonderful Life because it’s more than just a holiday movie. You can relate to George Bailey and the rest of the characters more than you can ever know. I mean we all have gone through ups & downs in our lives in more ways than one. But , we never give up. I think this book will make a great Christmas present for my younger relatives who probably never heard of the movie or seen it before.

    Merry Christmas!!

  61. George Schmidt says:

    This is my all-time fave film and not just for Christmas. It’s a perfect movie. Jimmy Stewart is my fave actor of all-time. I could be here for hours but one reason is also that my parents’ names are George & Mary.

    I think the book would just be icing on the cake.

  62. Kimothy Rich says:

    Watching A Wonderful Life has been a Christmas tradition since I was 2. Ever since I saw this movie my fave actor has been James Stewart. I love everything he’s in. But this film is just a cozy warm feeling type of film. Reminds you that even through hard times family & friends will be there to help you through, and I love that.
    It’s also probably the reason why I love vintage Christmas so much. 🙂

  63. Mildred Rupert says:

    I love the movie, I love the Angel and how he so badly wants his wings. It is such a wonderful movie and Jimmy Stewart is such an excellent actor. I try to watch every year. It always makes my heart glad when things go back to normal for him and Clarence gets his wings. I usually cry at the end of the movie. The older Christmas movies are the greatest. They have so much more heart in them.

    I do not have a Twitter account, so I am posting here to enter but cannot tweet the message.

  64. Dwight McCoy says:

    This movie is amazing and helps people to realize how important one life can be! This book looks awesome and would be great to read to the kids!

  65. Bianca says:

    There’s not just one thing that I love about “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I love it all. We’ve all probably had moments in our lives where we got off track from what our plan was and thought we failed. But this film reminds us that while we may not have achieved what we thought we would when we were younger, our lives are still wonderful and worth living. Because remember, “No man is a failure who has friends.” Watching Jimmy Stewart’s performance when he comes home from work, worried he’s ruined, is raw and as a parent who’s been at their wit’s end and yelled at their children when they shouldn’t, it made me cry a lot. He brought to life what it’s like to be a parent struggling through the chaos of professional life and personal life.

    I also love how Frank Capra shows that you don’t have to be rich like Potter to be successful in life. Doing the right thing and helping others is what matters. This year, I made sure to sit my kids down and watch it with them. My kids are all very young, but I like starting this tradition of watching the film with them. After we watched it, I decided to put the message on the back of all of our Christmas cards, “Dear George, Remember no man is a failure who has friends.” My hope is that reading that reminds my friends and family to keep holding on through this horrible year.

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