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Actor, Gene Wilder, was born Jerome Silberman on Jun 11, 1933 in Milwaukee, WI. As of December 2023, Gene Wilder was 90 years old.



Although Wilder was nominated for one Oscar, he never won a competitive Academy Award.

Academy Awards

YearAwardFilm nameRoleResult
1968Best Supporting ActorThe Producers (1968)Leo BloomNominated

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Gene Wilder Quotes:

Eugene Grizzard: Step on it, Velma. Step on it, Velma. Step on it, Velma.
Velma Davis: I am!
Eugene Grizzard: Step on it, Velma. Step on it, Velma. Velma, step on it, Velma!

[Leo Bloom walks in on Bialystock romancing Holdmethouchme]
Leo Bloom: Oh my God!
Max Bialystock: You mean "oops," don't you? Just say "oops" and get out!
Leo Bloom: Ahahahahahahahaha
Max Bialystock: Not "ahahahahahahah!" Oops!
Leo Bloom: Oops!
[slams the door]

Leo Bloom: [reading the title of the play for the first time] "Springtime for Hitler" a gay romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden... Wow!

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Best Supporting Actor Oscar 1968

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Gene Wilder Facts
Says he picked the name 'Gene Wilder' because he couldn't see a 'Jerry Silberman' playing Hamlet. He admits now that he can't see 'Gene Wilder' playing Hamlet either.

Campaigned with Elaine May and Renée Taylor for Eugene McCarthy, Allard Lowenstein and Paul O'Dwyer, 1968.

Won the Clarence Derwent award for the Broadway play "The Complaisant Lover" in 1962.

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